CYDEF is an extra set of eyes keeping watch over what is happening on your computer systems.  We use the standard security software on our and our clients’ systems, anti-virus, anti-malware, health monitoring, etc.  But, having CYDEF watching the processes that are happening on those systems means, even if we get busy with the everyday tasks of running our business and doing what we need to be doing, we are assured that CYDEF and their threat hunting experts are keeping an extra eye out for anything that is abnormal happening on the systems we are responsible for and letting us know so we can look into it and take care of it.  It gives us peace of mind knowing there are real live human experts double checking that the automated systems we are using aren’t missing flagging us about any of those unusual happenings on our and our clients’ systems.  That makes it much easier for us to focus on all the other things we need to do, like taking care of our own clients.

CYDEF has proven to us over and over that they are not out to tell us what is normal or acceptable on the systems we take care of, but instead, to work with us to ensure we understand when they are seeing something that isn’t normally seen, and what it might mean, so we can decide for ourselves, and in cooperation with our clients, whether it is allowable or not.  We still have full control over what is allowed and not allowed on our systems, as do our clients.  But, we have experts in our back pocket to help us analyze the possible risks from different events and make good decisions on what should and shouldn’t be allowed.  Then, they follow through with helping us to enforce those decisions.  In short, we aren’t being dictated to, they are our partners in securing the systems and businesses we are charged with protecting, which allows and assists us with maintaining control over our business, our systems, and the data we are responsible for and with allowing our clients’ the same control over their businesses.