We were looking for additional coverage from the increasing threats of ransomware and malware. The peace of mind in having an additional layer of protection, coupled with the unique approach CYDEF uses, led us to give them a try. The SolarWinds supply chain attack really made us look at what we’re currently doing and what else might be out there to help us stay secure.


Being a K12 public school division, we’re extremely budget-conscious. We maintain best-practices and spend accordingly on security, but some solutions are simply too far out of reach for us. It’s challenging when vendors don’t differentiate non-profit, education customers from corporate enterprises. Every dollar we spend in IT is a dollar that isn’t being spent on educating students. So, we’re always trying to balance.


I’ve struggled with solutions that are all-encompassing, that want to offer a multitude of layered solutions that often feel like they’ve been cobbled together by acquisition. Where you end up taking one step forward but two steps back in another area, where the proposed solution doesn’t integrate well with our environment or requires the kind of care and feeding that we don’t have from an FTE perspective. Finding something that is simple to deploy, easy to manage and just does a good job without any adverse side effects for our environment is really a win/win for all involved. When it’s affordable, that’s even better.


I really wanted to see alerts to things that we weren’t previously being alerted to. And that’s exactly what happened. And I wanted to see it in a succinct manner. I was worried we’d be inundated with alerts and we’d have to sift through the noise. But that’s not been the case at all. We’re alerted to real, actionable items and we can react accordingly.


It’s the additional layer and knowledge that we have another tool in our protection. I wasn’t looking to CYDEF to replace any of our existing measures. Instead, I wanted to add an additional layer and it’s done just that for us.


Our experience with CYDEF has been excellent. They took the time to get to know us and garnered trust by working with us to tune their software to our environment. They committed time and resources to us in the beginning where few other vendors have done so. Their product does what they say it does and has easily fit into our infrastructure without taxing resources both human and technical on our side.