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CYDEF Recognized Amongst World’s Most Innovative Cyber Companies

CYDEF selected as a leader in the global cybersecurity market by CyberTech100. CYDEF Named to CyberTech100 Ottawa, Canada, June 29, 2021 — CYDEF, a leading provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions, announced recent recognition as one of the world’s most innovative CyberTech companies. FinTech Global’s second annual CyberTech100 list identifies the most innovative digital solutions providers offering cybersecurity solutions to the [...]

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Moral Hazard of Cyber Insurance 

Cyber insurance is not a replacement for harm prevention measures. The prices are high and will continue to go up. Here’s why. While doing research for a customer about trends you can expect for 2021, I found  a number of outlets warning that the cyber insurance market was hardening with rises in premiums. Should we expect this trend to continue or will premiums stabilize? If [...]

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May Release: Introducing Two New Threat Hunting Tools

CYDEF introduces two new threat hunting tools: the SMART-Monitor Portal Incidents Page and Stack View. This feature release is dedicated to providing clarity about current incidents across an organization’s devices. SMART-Monitor Increases Threat Hunting Capacity Ottawa, Canada April 29, 2021 — CYDEF, a leading provider of endpoint security solutions, announced the introduction of two new powerful SMART-Monitor investigation tools: the [...]

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CYDEF to Scale Beyond 1 Million Endpoints

CYDEF solution testing with CENGN establishes business capacity to grow beyond 1 million endpoints.   CYDEF Identifies Opportunities to Scale at Cost  Over the course of 6 months, CYDEF collaborated with Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN) to establish the capacity of its cybersecurity solutions.    By partnering with CENGN, CYDEF proved that its architecture scales successfully beyond 100,000 devices. With this knowledge, CYDEF has developed [...]

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4 Hurdles Facing MSPs When a Client is Breached

MSPs face considerable hurdles when a client experiences a data breach. 97% of MSPs experience churn after a client ransomware incident. Will Your Business Survive a Client Breach? Your Client’s May Not. When a client’s business suffers from a ransomware attack on their MSP’s watch, they may not survive. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are twice as likely to [...]

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Glossaire de termes de cybersécurité

CYDEF a créé un glossaire complet des termes de cybersécurité pour donner à votre équipe la confiance nécessaire pour prendre des décisions opérationnelles sécures en matière de cybersécurité. La sensibilisation à la sécurité est un élément clé d'une stratégie complète de cybersécurité. Cependant, avec l'augmentation d’attaques, la désinformation est aussi en hausse. Ce guide fournit des définitions claires d’attaques communes [...]

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Glossary of Cybersecurity Terms 

CYDEF created a comprehensive Glossary of Cybersecurity Terms to provide your team with the confidence to make secure, operational decisions about cybersecurity.  Security awareness is a key component to a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. However, with attacks on the rise, so too is disinformation.  This guide provides clear definitions of common attacks for your reference.  The Glossary is a perfect companion to the CYDEF blog, a resource that provides up-to-date analysis of cyber threats and [...]

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Prédictions de Cybersécurité 2021

Les prévisions de cybersécurité de CYDEF pour 2021, y compris les attentes par rapport aux rançongiciels, les risques de logiciels basés sur le cloud, et les impacts budgétaires sur la cyber protection Prédictions de Cybersécurité 2021 de CYDEF  Autour de la nouvelle année, on dirait que les articles blogs examinent l’année qui se termine ou prédisent les événements de l’année à venir. J'ai décidé de tenter de prédire l'avenir. L’article suivant détaille trois prédictions - ainsi que mon raisonnement [...]

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Cybersecurity Predictions 2021

CYDEF’s cybersecurity predictions for 2021, including ransomware expectations, cloud-based software risks, and budget impacts on cyber protection. CYDEF’s Cybersecurity Predictions 2021 Around the new year, it seems blogs either are reviewing the year that’s ending or predicting the events of the coming year. I decided to try my hand at predicting the future. The following post details three predictions - [...]

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Data Breaches: The Reality of Cybersecurity 

Cyber attacks at SolarWinds and FireEye underline the importance of cyber risk management. Breaches happen. The best action is strategic planning.   Attacks Can Impact Any Business Regardless of preparation and perimeter defenses, cyber attacks impact businesses of all sizes.   Last week, a major provider of network management tools reported a significant cyber attack. Their build environment was compromised so that [...]

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Vol de données: La réalité de la cybersécurité

Les cyber-attaques à SolarWinds et FireEye soulignent l'importance de la gestion des cyber-risques. Des brèches se produisent. La meilleure action est la planification stratégique. Les attaques peuvent impacter n'importe quelle entreprise Indépendamment de la préparation et des défenses du périmètre, les cyber-attaques ont un impact sur les entreprises de toutes tailles. La semaine dernière, un fournisseur majeur d'outils de gestion [...]

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Defense in Depth as a Cyber Risk Prevention Tactic

On the Relationship Between Cheese and Risk In cybersecurity, there is a lot of talk of “defense in depth”, but sometimes it is unclear what people mean… or why you should care. This post answers questions about the concept of “defense in depth”, with unexpected help from a famous cheese family.  What is defense in depth? Like many concepts [...]

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