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ROI of PuP Detection

The security impact of detecting potentially unwanted programs is sometimes fuzzy, but in our experience, it helps reduces help desk costs.  Small Victories: The ROI of PuP Detection  Potentially Unwanted Programs (PuPs) generally have no real security impact. In most cases, they are more of an annoyance than a real threat (even if the threat can be real, as described in [...]

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Small Business Cybersecurity Myths

Small Business Cybersecurity myths and mistakes can destroy a business. Phishing attempts, Potentially Unwanted Programs, and Malware do not differentiate between a small business and a large enterprise. Once infected, a business is at risk – regardless of size. Understanding Cybersecurity Myths The risks posed by cyber attacks are impossible to overlook. From recent attacks on pipelines, to breaches at [...]

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The ART of Selecting a Managed Detection and Response Company

Tips for selecting a managed detection and response company based on Actionable, Relevant and Timely response criteria.  Selecting a Managed Detection and Response Company is a Complex Task Cybersecurity is often difficult to understand, especially for the average business owner. These people devote their time to managing their enterprise, not studying cybersecurity tactics and trends. Unfortunately, that means these businesses may misinterpret basic [...]

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Adrozek Silently Alters Search Results in Web Browsers

Adrozek, a drive by download attack, may be impacting your business’s browsers. From desktops to laptops to mobile devices, your endpoint security should be assessed.Detecting Adrozek’s Malicious AdwareOn December 10th, 2020, Microsoft announced detection of the malicious adware Adrozek on a variety of browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, and Mozilla Firefox.Adrozek is distributed via a drive by [...]

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Adrozek altère silencieusement les résultats de recherche

Adrozek, un programme malicieux distribué par téléchargement à la dérobée, peut être en train d'impacter les fureteurs de votre entreprise. Que ce soit des ordinateurs de bureau, des ordinateurs portables ou des appareils mobiles, la sécurité de vos hôtes devrait être évaluée.Détecter le logiciel publicitaire d'AdrozekLe 10 décembre 2020, Microsoft a annoncé la détection du logiciel malicieux Adrozek sur de [...]

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Responding to Dridex

An analysis of Dridex, the 'banking' malware that steals credentials. How CYDEF Responded to a Dridex Attack The Dridex trojan has posed a significant threat since its identification in 2011. A few months back, a CYDEF customer was infected by this malware. The following blog post details steps to malware identification, response efforts and remediation. What is Dridex? The Dridex [...]

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Répondre à Dridex

Une analyse de Dridex, un logiciel malicieux 'bancaire' qui vole les mots de passe. Comment CYDEF a répondu à une attaque Dridex Le Trojan Dridex est une menace significative aux institutions financières depuis son identification en 2011. Il y a quelques mois, un client de CYDEF a été infecté par ce logiciel malveillant. La publication suivante présente les étapes pour [...]

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The Evolution of Cyber Defense

Introducing CYDEF, a continuously evolving cybersecurity platform that defends small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) against threats from the security landscape.CYDEF sprouted out of a desire to protect Canadian businesses of all sizes online. Over the past 3 years, CYDEF grew into a continuously evolving security platform that defends small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) against threats from the cybersecurity [...]

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