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How MDR Improves Your Managed Service Business’ Bottom Line

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions improve a managed service business’s bottom line by reducing the risk associated with cyber attacks. Cost of Risk vs Cost of MDR It seems like every week that the team at CYDEF posts about the increasing frequency and severity of cyber-attacks. That’s because these intrusions have become a daily occurrence, and something we have [...]

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Data Breaches and How to Prevent Them

Data breaches occur when a cyber attacker illegally accesses confidential information. Investing in cybersecurity awareness training and a detection response solution is the best prevention against a data breach. What Is a Data Breach? A data breach occurs when an unauthorized party accesses private data. Data breaches are most often intentional and part of a campaign by cybercriminals who work [...]

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SOC 2: What Is It and Why Should You Care

SOC 2 is a reporting standard used to assess a business’ internal controls related to Information Technology. It is based around the Trust Principles of Security, Availability, Integrity of processing, Confidentiality and Privacy.  What is SOC 2?  SOC 2 is short for Service Organisation Controls.  These controls help businesses that outsource IT to understand the policies, procedures and processes that cloud service providers use in their solutions.   Why Does SOC [...]

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CYDEF’s Approach to a Secure Software Development Life Cycle 

A Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) is a collection of best practices that provides added security checks to the standard software development life cycle. It’s a crucial part of CYDEF’s development process and a core element of our solutions.  Security is Essential at All Stages of Development  At CYDEF, security is foundational to the entire organization and especially to its software development life cycle. As a result, security is baked into every phase of development, starting with requirements and ending with complete verification.  From day one, CYDEF’s Chief Technology Officer, Tiago de Jesus, has insisted [...]

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5 Reasons Technological Debt Increases the Risk of Cyber Attack

Failing to keep software and hardware up-to-date can put your business at risk for cyber attacks. The following issues frequently leave businesses exposed to cyber threats and vulnerabilities. The Culprits Behind Technological Debt Most technological debt is unintentional, the by-product of efforts to save money and resources. This focus inadvertently derails cybersecurity by shifting resources away from critical infrastructure and [...]

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Revue de mi-année 2021

Comme nous venons de passer la première moitié de 2021, j’ai décidé de revoir le top 5 des menaces que nous avons détectées durant cette période de 6 mois. À tous les quarts, nous produisons des rapports de tendance pour certains clients. Pour ce faire, nous creusons dans notre base de données d’incidents pour générer des statistiques. Un de nos [...]

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2021 Mid-Year Threat Review

As the first half of 2021 comes to a close, I decided to look back at the top 5 threats we detected during this 6-month period.  Every quarter, we produce trend reports for some clients. To do so, we dig back in our incident database to generate reports.  One of our clients (who doesn’t receive a lot of alerts; they [...]

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Cyber Immunity in an Era of Rampant Attacks

Cyber immunity is a critical component to a successful cybersecurity strategy, especially in an era of rampant cyber attacks. How CYDEF Earns Your Trust For living things, the natural world is a hostile environment filled with countless mutating threats. Static measures like hard shells, cell walls and simple membranes offer some general protection, but without a complex immune system, no [...]

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Check Your {User} Privileges

User privileges settings in commercial software frequently (and inadvertently) expose your business to privilege escalation attacks. Monitoring for access rights changes can help to proactively mitigate the risks.  The team at CYDEF advocates for the principle of minimum privileges; according to which users should have only the minimal access rights to perform their jobs. A big part of the goal of minimum privileges is to ensure that users do not casually operate their machines with administrator privileges. After all, [...]

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Small Business Cybersecurity Myths

Small Business Cybersecurity myths and mistakes can destroy a business. Phishing attempts, Potentially Unwanted Programs, and Malware do not differentiate between a small business and a large enterprise. Once infected, a business is at risk – regardless of size. Understanding Cybersecurity Myths The risks posed by cyber attacks are impossible to overlook. From recent attacks on pipelines, to breaches at [...]

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Les 3 menaces de cybersécurité auxquels les PME font face

Basé sur l'activité de surveillance de CYDEF, nous avons identifié les trois principales menaces de cybersécurité pour nos clients Qu'est-ce qu'une “Menace”? Une menace de cybersécurité met votre environnement réseau à risque de dommages. Cela inclut les terminaux (comme les appareils, les ordinateurs, etc..) et les applications (comme les comptes Microsoft 365). Nous avons identifié 3 types de menaces: [...]

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The ART of Selecting a Managed Detection and Response Company

Tips for selecting a managed detection and response company based on Actionable, Relevant and Timely response criteria.  Selecting a Managed Detection and Response Company is a Complex Task Cybersecurity is often difficult to understand, especially for the average business owner. These people devote their time to managing their enterprise, not studying cybersecurity tactics and trends. Unfortunately, that means these businesses may misinterpret basic [...]

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