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ROI of PuP Detection

The security impact of detecting potentially unwanted programs is sometimes fuzzy, but in our experience, it helps reduces help desk costs.  Small Victories: The ROI of PuP Detection  Potentially Unwanted Programs (PuPs) generally have no real security impact. In most cases, they are more of an annoyance than a real threat (even if the threat can be real, as described in [...]

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macOS Coverage: Is It Worth It?

With CYDEF’s recent coverage expansion to the macOS platform, we need to address the value of cybersecurity protection for Macs. After all, aren’t Macs completely impervious to security threats? The answer is no of course. So why is the question "Do I need Malware Protection for Mac?" so popular? This post will start by covering the security advantages of the [...]

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The Impact of Potentially Unwanted Programs

A Potentially Unwanted Program (PuP) is a designation commonly used by anti-virus vendors to designate software that is present on a computer against the computer’s owner’s will.This series covers the more exotic incidents observed at our client sites and explains how SMART-Monitor helps catch them. Today, we will look at the security impact of having “potentially unwanted programs” in your [...]

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The Evolution of Cyber Defense

Introducing CYDEF, a continuously evolving cybersecurity platform that defends small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) against threats from the security landscape.CYDEF sprouted out of a desire to protect Canadian businesses of all sizes online. Over the past 3 years, CYDEF grew into a continuously evolving security platform that defends small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) against threats from the cybersecurity [...]

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