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Handling Ransomware Attacks to Minimize Disaster

Ransomware attacks take place in two phases: access development, then monetization. Stopping cyber attacks while they are still intrusions, and not ransomed data, can prevent data privacy disasters.  Cyber Crime Requires a Division of Labor Cyber attackers take a specialized approach to ransomware development. First, the attacker develops access to a target. Second, the attacker passes the access to ransomware [...]

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The Human Factor: The Hidden Problem of Cybersecurity

Humans are a significant factor contributing to data breaches. While cybersecurity is usually treated as a technology problem, 88% of data breaches are the result of human error. Human Factor in Cybersecurity The human factors in cybersecurity are actions or events that result in a data breach. These factors largely result from a lack of awareness, negligence, or inappropriate access [...]

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How Cyber Attacks Impact Professional Services Firms

Professional services firms are the victims of cyber attacks at a disproportionate rate. Making up 14% of the US economy, professional services firms are subject to 25% of the attacks on small businesses in the United States. Frankly, it makes sense that attackers target these businesses. Often generating substantial revenues with small staffs, small and medium professional services firms [...]

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Les cyberattaques impactent les services professionnels

Les entreprises de services professionnels sont victimes de cyberattaques à un rythme disproportionné. Constituant 14% de l'économie américaine, les entreprises de services professionnels sont victimes de 25% des attaques contre les petites entreprises aux États-Unis. Franchement, il est logique que les attaquants ciblent ces entreprises. Générant souvent des revenus substantiels avec un personnel réduit, les petites et moyennes entreprises [...]

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