Handling Ransomware Attacks to Minimize Disaster

Ransomware attacks take place in two phases: access development, then monetization. Stopping cyber attacks while they are still intrusions, and not ransomed data, can prevent data privacy disasters.  Cyber Crime Requires a Division of Labour Cyber attackers take a specialized approach to ransomware development. First, the attacker develops access to a target. Second, the attacker [...]

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The Human Factor: The Hidden Problem of Cybersecurity

Humans are a significant factor contributing to data breaches. While cybersecurity is usually treated as a technology problem, 88% of data breaches are the result of human error. Human Factor in Cybersecurity The human factors in cybersecurity are actions or events that result in a data breach. These factors largely result from a lack of [...]

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Comment les cyberattaques impactent les entreprises de services professionnels

Les entreprises de services professionnels sont victimes de cyberattaques à un rythme disproportionné. Constituant 14% de l'économie américaine, les entreprises de services professionnels sont victimes de 25% des attaques contre les petites entreprises aux États-Unis. Franchement, il est logique que les attaquants ciblent ces entreprises. Générant souvent des revenus substantiels avec un personnel réduit, les [...]

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How Cyber Attacks Impact Professional Services Firms

Professional services firms are the victims of cyber attacks at a disproportionate rate. Making up 14% of the US economy, professional services firms are subject to 25% of the attacks on small businesses in the United States. Frankly, it makes sense that attackers target these businesses. Often generating substantial revenues with small staffs, small and [...]

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