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How MDR Improves Your Managed Service Business’ Bottom Line

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions improve a managed service business’s bottom line by reducing the risk associated with cyber attacks. Cost of Risk vs Cost of MDR It seems like every week that the team at CYDEF posts about the increasing frequency and severity of cyber-attacks. That’s because these intrusions have become a daily occurrence, and something we have [...]

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Data Breaches and How to Prevent Them

Data breaches occur when a cyber attacker illegally accesses confidential information. Investing in cybersecurity awareness training and a detection response solution is the best prevention against a data breach. What Is a Data Breach? A data breach occurs when an unauthorized party accesses private data. Data breaches are most often intentional and part of a campaign by cybercriminals who work [...]

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EDR Price Comparison

EDR price comparison is not the best criteria to use when selecting your Managed Service’s newest cybersecurity partner. The promise to ‘cut the cost of a single salary’ overlooks the fact that AI and machine learning still require human supervision. EDR Price Comparison Myths In our conversations with partners, the team at CYDEF has heard one story time and again: [...]

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AI Driven EDR: It Doesn’t Replace Human Intervention

AI driven EDR dramatically reduced the workload involved in manual endpoint detection and response. However, the human element of threat hunting remains invaluable. Cybersecurity Solutions Require Supervision Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are in the business of providing a variety of essential technical services to businesses. When a vendor offers a solution that eases the risk of cybersecurity with the promise [...]

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CYDEF and ADCAI Ink Distribution Partnership for India Market

CYDEF and ADCAI collaborate to offer cybersecurity solutions for the India market.  Distribution Partnership Signed for India Ottawa, Canada, June 24, 2021 — CYDEF is pleased to announce a partnership with Aerospace & Defence Consultants Association of India (ACDAI). ADCAI will be the distributor of CYDEF's proprietary cybersecurity solutions for the Indian market.  The signing of this partnership marks the jumping-off point of a collaborative cybersecurity relationship between Canadian company CYDEF [...]

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CYDEF Joins Silica Mark to Explore Cyber Risks

CYDEF is proud to join Silica Mark on March 4th, 2021 for an exploration of cybersecurity, risk management, and proactive countermeasures. An Exploration of Digital Transformation and Risk Ottawa, Canada  March 1, 2021 — CYDEF, a leading provider of endpoint security solutions,  announced today collaboration with Silica Mark to deliver in-depth analysis of digital transformation and cybersecurity. CYDEF President, Steve [...]

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CYDEF rejoint Silica Mark pour explorer les cyber risques

CYDEF est fier de joindre Silica Mark le 4 mars 2021 pour une exploration de la cybersécurité, de la gestion des risques et des contre-mesures proactives Une exploration de transformation digitale et de risques Ottawa, Canada le 1er mars 2021 - CYDEF, un des fournisseurs principaux de solutions de sécurité des hôtes, a annoncé aujourd’hui la collaboration avec Silica Mark [...]

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CYDEF Joins MSP Connect Live to Discuss Business Rebound

CYDEF is proud to join MSP Connect Live on February 24th and 25th to support MSP growth and business development. Momentum Building Strategy Delivered at Live Event Ottawa, Canada  January 28, 2021 — CYDEF, a leading provider of endpoint security solutions,  announced today participation in MSP Connect Live. CYDEF Chief Operating Officer/Co-Founder Elana Graham and President Steve Rainville will join [...]

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CYDEF rejoint MSP Connect Live pour discuter un rebond commercial

CYDEF est fier de joindre MSP Connect Live les 24 et 25 février pour soutenir la croissance et le développement commercial des MSP. Stratégie de renforcement de l'élan livrée lors d'un événement en direct Ottawa, Canada 28 janvier 2021 - CYDEF, l'un des fournisseurs principaux de solutions de sécurité des hôtes, a aujourd'hui annoncé sa participation à MSP Connect Live. [...]

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