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Data Breaches and How to Prevent Them

Data breaches occur when a cyber attacker illegally accesses confidential information. Investing in cybersecurity awareness training and a detection response solution is the best prevention against a data breach. What Is a Data Breach? A data breach occurs when an unauthorized party accesses private data. Data breaches are most often intentional and part of a campaign by cybercriminals who work [...]

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EDR Price Comparison

EDR price comparison is not the best criteria to use when selecting your Managed Service’s newest cybersecurity partner. The promise to ‘cut the cost of a single salary’ overlooks the fact that AI and machine learning still require human supervision. EDR Price Comparison Myths In our conversations with partners, the team at CYDEF has heard one story time and again: [...]

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AI Driven EDR: It Doesn’t Replace Human Intervention

AI driven EDR dramatically reduced the workload involved in manual endpoint detection and response. However, the human element of threat hunting remains invaluable. Cybersecurity Solutions Require Supervision Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are in the business of providing a variety of essential technical services to businesses. When a vendor offers a solution that eases the risk of cybersecurity with the promise [...]

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4 Hurdles Facing MSPs When a Client is Breached

MSPs face considerable hurdles when a client experiences a data breach. 97% of MSPs experience churn after a client ransomware incident. Will Your Business Survive a Client Breach? Your Client’s May Not. When a client’s business suffers from a ransomware attack on their MSP’s watch, they may not survive. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are twice as likely to [...]

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The ART of Selecting a Managed Detection and Response Company

Tips for selecting a managed detection and response company based on Actionable, Relevant and Timely response criteria.  Selecting a Managed Detection and Response Company is a Complex Task Cybersecurity is often difficult to understand, especially for the average business owner. These people devote their time to managing their enterprise, not studying cybersecurity tactics and trends. Unfortunately, that means these businesses may misinterpret basic [...]

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Building Partnerships for Strong Cybersecurity

As Managed Service Providers (MSPs) grow increasingly popular amongst small and medium businesses, they’ve also become a target for cybercriminals. In 2019, at least 13 MSPs were hacked. Successfully breaching an MSP’s environment provides attackers with access to corporate data from a range of enterprises – a veritable boon of sensitive information. Vulnerability Management Required for Service Providers According [...]

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Établir des partenariats pour une cybersécurité solide

Alors que les fournisseurs de services gérés (MSP) deviennent de plus en plus populaires parmi les petites et moyennes entreprises, ils sont également devenus une cible pour les cybercriminels. En 2019, au moins 13 MSP ont été piratés. Le succès d’une brèche de l’environnement d’un MSP fournit les attaquants avec accès à des données corporatives provenant de diverses entreprises - [...]

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The Endpoint Security Solution for Managed Service Providers

CYDEF was born to serve small businesses, including our partners and Managed Service Providers.The Evolution of Canada’s Cyber Defense PartnerCYDEF started out with a single goal: to commoditize cybersecurity. As we grew, we heard from channel partners about an unmet need: threat hunting for their managed SMB clients. With that, our channel story began to unfold. Back in 2017, we started [...]

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La solution pour les fournisseurs de services en cybersécurité

CYDEF est né pour servir les petites entreprises, y compris nos partenaires et fournisseurs de services gérés.L’évolution du partenaire de cyberdéfense du CanadaCYDEF a commencé avec un seul objectif: La marchandisation de la cybersécurité. Au cours de notre croissance, les partenaires de distribution nous ont mis au courant d'un besoin non satisfait: la détection de menaces pour leurs clients de [...]

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