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EDR Price Comparison

EDR price comparison is not the best criteria to use when selecting your Managed Service’s newest cybersecurity partner. The promise to ‘cut the cost of a single salary’ overlooks the fact that AI and machine learning still require human supervision. EDR Price Comparison Myths In our conversations with partners, the team at CYDEF has heard one story time and again: [...]

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AV vs EDR: An Introduction to Antivirus Bypass 

Cyber attackers use sneaky tricks to evade detection. This post reviews the classes of attacks that bypass detection. We often interact with customers that are a bit puzzled by what we do.  They already have a cybersecurity software on their endpoint, an AV and a firewall. Why would they need anything more? Preventive vs Detective Security Controls  While AV detects [...]

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AV vs EDR: Une introduction au contournement des anti-virus

On interagit souvent avec des clients qui se demandent ce qu’on fait exactement. Ils ont déjà des outils de sécurité sur leurs postes de travail (e.g. un AV et un pare-feu). Pourquoi auraient-ils besoin de quoi que ce soit d’autre? Pour comprendre la réponse, on doit connaître les diverses astuces utilisées dans les cybers attaques pour outrepasser la détection. C’est d’ailleurs ce que nous allons couvrir cette semaine.  [...]

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The Endpoint Security Solution for Managed Service Providers

CYDEF was born to serve small businesses, including our partners and Managed Service Providers.The Evolution of Canada’s Cyber Defense PartnerCYDEF started out with a single goal: to commoditize cybersecurity. As we grew, we heard from channel partners about an unmet need: threat hunting for their managed SMB clients. With that, our channel story began to unfold. Back in 2017, we started [...]

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La solution pour les fournisseurs de services en cybersécurité

CYDEF est né pour servir les petites entreprises, y compris nos partenaires et fournisseurs de services gérés.L’évolution du partenaire de cyberdéfense du CanadaCYDEF a commencé avec un seul objectif: La marchandisation de la cybersécurité. Au cours de notre croissance, les partenaires de distribution nous ont mis au courant d'un besoin non satisfait: la détection de menaces pour leurs clients de [...]

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