Cyber Threat Research: Nuclear Power Plant Cyber Attack

In early September 2019, the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in Tamil Nadu,  India suffered a cyber intrusion. On September 3, a local security expert and former member of the Indian signals intelligence agency received a tip that there had been a malware attack and informed the Indian CERT on September 4. Mission Critical Systems Effected [...]

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5 Reasons Technological Debt Increases the Risk of Cyber Attack (2021)

Failing to keep software and hardware up-to-date can put your business at risk for cyber attacks. The following issues frequently leave businesses exposed to cyber threats and vulnerabilities. The Culprits Behind Technological Debt Most technological debt is unintentional, the by-product of efforts to save money and resources. This focus inadvertently derails cybersecurity by shifting resources [...]

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Check Your {User} Privileges

User privileges settings in commercial software frequently (and inadvertently) expose your business to privilege escalation attacks. Monitoring for access rights changes can help to proactively mitigate the risks.  The team at CYDEF advocates for the principle of minimum privileges; according to which users should have only the minimal access rights to perform their jobs. A big part of the goal of minimum privileges is to ensure that users do not casually operate their machines [...]

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WFH Cybersecurity Best Practices for SMEs

WFH cybersecurity best practices are virtually non-existent in 49 percent of businesses. The sudden shift to remote working in early 2020 caught many businesses off guard, with most businesses prioritizing ‘getting things done’ over IT security. WFH Cybersecurity Threats Continue to Grow Working from Home (WFH) suddenly became the new normal at the beginning of [...]

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What is an Incident Response Plan: Basic Guidelines for SMEs

An incident response plan provides detailed steps for crisis management in the face of a cyber attack. Planning for When a Cyber Attack Strikes Incident response planning may seem like the projection of the worst-case scenario. That’s because it actually is. An incident response plans provides Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with the guidelines to [...]

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4 Hurdles Facing MSPs When a Client is Breached

MSPs face considerable hurdles when a client experiences a data breach. 97% of MSPs experience churn after a client ransomware incident. Will your Business Survive a Client Breach? Your Client’s May Not. When a client’s business suffers from a ransomware attack on their MSP’s watch, they may not survive. Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) [...]

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Monitoring for Insider Threat  

Insider threat incidents account for 34% of data breaches. CYDEF’s detection capabilities are not limited to external cyber attacks. They are also valuable detection controls that detect unusual activity on the inside of an organization.  What is Insider Threat?   Cybersecurity is focused on keeping malicious attackers out of business systems.  But what if the malicious attacker is [...]

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Law Firm Size Doesn’t Insulate Against Cyber Attack

100% of law firms participating in a cybersecurity experiment had been targeted by cyber threats. Some without even knowing it. With an estimated worth approaching $1 trillion, law firms present an attractive target to cyber criminals. Not only do they host sensitive personal data within their networks, they also host data on ongoing litigation. Now that [...]

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