Moral Hazard of Cyber Insurance 

Cyber insurance is not a replacement for harm prevention measures. The prices are high and will continue to go up. Here’s why.  While doing research for a customer about trends you can expect for 2021, I found  a number of outlets warning that the cyber insurance market was hardening with rises in premiums. Should we expect this trend to continue [...]

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The Role of Cyber Insurance to Cyber Risk Management

Are you curious about how a cyber insurance policy handles ransom payments, forensic investigation fees or costs associated with the loss of business?   With the rate and complexity of cyberattacks on the rise, many companies are adding operational insurance to their cyber risk management approach. However, ensuring your business can rely on a cyber insurance [...]

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Risk Management: The Strongest Cybersecurity Tactic

Prevention is Not the (Only) Cure Risk management is the strongest cybersecurity tactic, outweighing the roles of prevention and detection. Our clients often indicate they’re looking for a solution that detects and blocks threats, while preventing infection. This may seem perfectly natural upon first glance. After all, what’s the point of detecting malware once your network is infected? An [...]

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