Cybersecurity awareness training

Reduce the risk associated with cyber attacks


Security awareness impacts your entire organization

Cybersecurity awareness training educates and tests your staff about digital threats and the tactics criminals use to access, steal and destroy corporate information and funds. Our solution is entirely turnkey and continuously reinforces best practices with your personnel over time, so a security-first mindset becomes second nature.

Designed with busy professionals in mind, our training uses short, on-demand learning modules, quizzes, simulated phishing emails, and SMS to keep security on the minds of all your staff. As a result, they will learn to become more diligent in protecting organizational data and help to significantly reduce the likelihood of a breach.

Some of the most expensive data breaches resulted from preventable attacks due to human error. By knowing what to look for and remaining diligent, your staff plays a crucial role in detecting attempts to compromise their credentials, steal sensitive or confidential information, or transfer funds from corporate accounts.

A robust platform to foster learning and positive behavioral changes in a continuous manner (click to enlarge)

Automatically send simulated phishing emails and trigger supplemental learning if clicked (click to enlarge)

Employees have their own personal dashboard that allows them to track their progress (click to enlarge)

Our cybersecurity awareness approach

Continuous improvement

Theory is great, but nothing beats practice to develop new behaviors. Our ongoing cybersecurity training will keep your employees sharp.


Your employees will earn points and rewards as they learn about cybersecurity and improve their skills. In addition, their personal dashboard will help them keep track of their progress.


Employees will be tested with phishing simulations and other simulated attacks, allowing them to practice and improve their skills in real-world scenarios.

Did you know?

Using a continuous methodology to train employees to recognize social engineering attacks, otherwise known as phishing attacks, can dramatically improve your business’ cybersecurity stance.

The impact of cybersecurity awareness training

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity awareness training dashboard

  • Arm your staff to defend against the most common tactics used by criminals

  • Improve overall cybersecurity awareness among employees

  • Drastically reduce phishing click rates with realistic simulations

  • Engage employees in taking ownership of protecting organizational data

  • Increase phishing report rates throughout all departments

  • Reduce IT staff time on cybersecurity incidents, awareness, and training

Key features

  • Practical, on-demand cybersecurity training

  • Realistic, customizable phishing simulations (email & SMS)

  • Gamified risk scores, incidents, and rewards

  • Easily identify areas of risk and response (Risk Advisor)

  • Track improvements and growth via cybersecurity maturity report (NIST)

  • Flexible LMS with the option to create custom courses

  • In-platform communications

  • Actionable metrics on click rates and reporting rates

  • Interactive dashboards to facilitate decision making

  • Multilingual and fully translatable

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