Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Continuous monitoring verified by human analysis
Powered by SMART-Sentinel

CYDEF’s MDR Service

SMART-Monitor offers continuous monitoring, threat detection and forensic insights verified by human analysis.

Extend your cyber protection with CYDEF’s unique approach: a combined defence of anti-malware protection, advanced threat detection and our skilled team of security analysts. This approach follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Best Practices.

Gain 100% visibility into what’s happening on assets, applications and accounts.

How MDR Works

MDR offers the protection of a Security Operations Centre (SOC) at a fraction of the cost. Combining a cloud-based endpoint detection application with the knowledge of a team of cyber experts, CYDEF’s SMART-Monitor delivers enterprise-level cybersecurity while minimizing IT workload and operational overhead. Ideal for businesses who outsource IT and wish to leverage cybersecurity expertise to secure their online data.


Our team of cybersecurity analysts work to defend your network

Detect, understand and eliminate endpoint threats.


SMART-Monitor combines managed service from CYDEF’s team of expert analysts with SMART-Sentinel,
a proprietary platform that detects unwanted and malicious activity on endpoints.

IT Hygiene

Understand Your Network Activity

Gain precise visibility into endpoint activity. Understand who, what, when and how your assets are used.

  • Detailed data on endpoint, application, and account access 
  • Understand who and what is on your network, with exact time stamps 
  • Detect intruders immediately with real-time insights 
  • Identify vulnerable systems and applications 


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