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Is CYDEF right for your Managed Service?

  • Are you trying to get into cybersecurity but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you trying to grow your cybersecurity services but don’t have the time or in-house expertise?
  • Are you looking for an innovative cybersecurity service to offer your customers?
  • Are you looking to move from a break/fix revenue model to monthly recurring revenue?
  • Is your current EDR/MDR not meeting your business needs?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, CYDEF can help! Read on or contact us to learn more.

Steve Rainville, CEO at CYDEF, talks about our partnerships as part of our 5th anniversary video series

We can help

Our partnership strategy is simple: we are here to help you succeed by using our process-driven technology and knowledge transfer. But what does that really mean?

We not only help you attract new customers; we offer a turnkey service that lets you focus on your current business while adding cybersecurity – specifically our unique combination of endpoint security and threat hunting. Whether your team performs on-demand technical support (break/fix), or provides services based on a recurring revenue model, we can help you grow your business. Consider us as as your outsourced cybersecurity team.

In the end, it’s all about the processes:

  • Onboarding customers: 3 steps – Register, Download, Deploy
  • Monitoring and responding to incidents: 5 steps – Review, Investigate, Communicate, Respond, Learn
  • Building your team’s expertise: 4 steps – Hire, Train, Practice, Improve

Our approach

We’re not looking to take over or control your customers. You’ve taken the time to build a relationship, building trust, and that’s important to us. We are here to add to your team, and eventually help your team gain cybersecurity expertise so you can do this on your own (if you choose to).

As you grow, you can decide to build or increase your current team to handle cybersecurity monitoring using our SMART-Monitor technology. We will help you find the right people, train them, and supervise them until they are fully independent. It typically happens within 90 days. Then, as your team gains more and more experience, you can add additional capabilities to your portfolio.

Cybersecurity doesn’t need to be a complex and expensive proposal for yourself or your customers. Instead, we’ve built our technology to standardize the workflow to identify and investigate anomalies found on your customers’ endpoints. As a result, your cybersecurity team will follow a standardized, repeatable, measurable process, making it possible to achieve great results quickly. It also means that if your team has experience with the various operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux, it can be used to transform them into effective threat hunters.

Everyone talks about the shortage of skilled workers. The last thing you need is employee turnover. So how do you keep your team motivated and engaged? By providing training and a career path in cybersecurity. In 90 days, you can have someone trained to perform the basic investigative steps to identify and confirm cybersecurity anomalies. They will find deviations to corporate security policies, malware that evaded the AV, or the first stages of ransomware. Don’t worry; they won’t be alone. We’re there to answer questions, validate results, and ensure quick responses to incidents.

It’s one thing to build a team; it’s another to keep them engaged. Learning a new skill is a great way to do that, and your customers will thank you.

Kelly Beardmore, Co-Founder and COO of TruPoint, explains why he chose to partner with CYDEF.

Branden Parker, CEO and Founder of ParJenn Technologies, talks about his experience with CYDEF.

The Process

As you start adding clients, we will provide the turnkey solution. We provide the technology and the monitoring service to your customers. As you near 5,000 endpoints, you have the option to build your team of threat hunters. At this point, we will create a development plan with you to ensure your team will succeed with the knowledge transfer. From their first day of training, they will get exposure to real-world activities. Within three months, your team will perform the basic steps of reviewing all anomalies and potential incidents identified by our technology. Then, you will be capable of responding to threats and communicating the issues and incidents to your customers.

Our approach to detecting anomalies and incidents differs from anything on the market. A different approach means different processes; ultimately, this combination of technology and process is what makes us so effective. A threat hunter can review all unknown activities for more than 15,000 endpoints daily, and these statistics keep improving over time.

For a deep dive on how we’re different reach out today!

Why partner with CYDEF?

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  • Easy to use and deploy: Our light-weight, cloud-based agent is easy to deploy. It can be used as a stand-alone MDR or in conjunction with other solutions for a strong defense in depth strategy.

  • Flexible billing: No minimums, pay only for what you use, no up-front costs, bill your clients from day one.

  • Strong profit margins: Our simple pricing model makes it easy for you to resell our service for a respectable profit.

  • Managed for you: We investigate everything, so you can rest assured that no stone is left unturned. We only send confirmed alerts and won’t bog you down with false positives.

  • Path for higher profit margins: As you grow, opportunities for higher profit margins become available. Our goal is to help you succeed!

A true partnership

We want to work with partners like yourself to continuously enhance our capabilities, including reporting and dashboards about active applications, compliance issues, and asset management, that can provide additional value to yourselves and your customers.

Providing cybersecurity visibility and understanding to your customers helps them be safe, make better decisions, and increase their trust in you, their partner.

To discuss how a partnership with CYDEF could benefit your business, contact us today!

Connect with us

CYDEF allowed us to break into the cybersecurity space with no up-front costs. They supported us every step of the way, from sitting in on sales calls and demos, to training our staff in sales and threat hunting. We were able to hire cybersecurity staff as our sales increased. We now support our own clients around the world and have the reassurance that CYDEF is there if we need them. They helped us expand our business and achieve our goals much more quickly with a lot less risk.

We trust CYDEF because they deliver on their promises. They care about their clients, and they have a fantastic team who provide excellent support. They listen to feedback and will do what they can to help us succeed.

Lee Traill

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