The CYDEF Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of current President Steve Rainville as Chief Executive Officer.  Paul Hindo will continue in his role as Executive Chair of the Board.

CYDEF Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

Ottawa, Canada, May 26, 2021 — CYDEF is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Rainville as President and Chief Executive Officer, effective May 26, 2021.  Acting CEO Paul Hindo will continue in his role of Executive Chair of CYDEF.

Steve brings a wealth of expertise to the post, having served in several senior cybersecurity roles over the past 20 years. His capabilities include extensive knowledge in cybersecurity, strong financial orientation, and experience operating in international markets. While acting as CYDEF’s President over the past 18 months, Steve demonstrated a track record for strategic growth and development of high-performing teams. Steve also oversaw all aspects of Client Success and IT functions. He is widely respected in the international IT and cybersecurity communities.

“CYDEF is focused on growth and building its presence in new markets and partnership opportunities,” stated Steve Rainville. “Thanks to Paul’s effort as CEO and to the passion of the entire CYDEF team, we’re positioned to leverage our innovative approach for exponential growth. I look forward to deepening my work with the team to expand into new markets.”

Current Acting CEO Paul Hindo will continue in his role as Executive Chair of CYDEF. As a Co-founder of CYDEF, Paul with his experience in a number of successful startups, was instrumental in establishing the governance and framework for CYDEF to achieve scale. As Executive Chair, Paul will continue to offer his knowledge and expertise to support CYDEF’s momentum and growth.

“It’s an honor to be part of CYDEF’s founding team. I’ve witnessed the birth of a product out of nothing more than a vision held by our immensely talented CTO, Tiago de Jesus, PhD.  The last three years of effort has resulted in the establishment of a team of experts with unlimited potential,” stated out going CEO Paul Hindo. “CYDEF is positioned to win with its innovative technology and outstanding team. I look forward to seeing the company continue to evolve and grow under Steve’s leadership.


Elana Graham
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer


CYDEF provides cybersecurity threat prevention, detection and incident response solutions for SMEs and Managed Service Providers. The CYDEF team leverages decades of security operations and military experience. We’re dedicated to delivering verifiable cybersecurity solutions that provide clarity into endpoint health. For more information, visit