As a leading provider of comprehensive cyber solutions, Digital Resilience is an ideal choice for a distributor agreement with CYDEF


February 3, 2022 — CYDEF is pleased to announce a distributor agreement with Digital Resilience, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. This partnership will expand on the cyber threat response services already offered by Digital Resilience and extend CYDEF’s reach to the African market.

Digital Resilience customers will now have access to CYDEF’s patents-pending Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services as an important layer of protection against cyber-attacks. As CYDEF’s newest distributor, Digital Resilience presents a more robust portfolio to better serve new and existing clients across Africa.

“This is a natural evolution of our partnership and co-operation with DSG throughout 2021,” said CYDEF’s Chief Revenue Officer, Ameen Sait. “We are looking forward to expanding on that partnership in the years to come with this strategic agreement.”

CYDEF’s patents-pending solution takes a reverse approach to cybersecurity, earning the company a spot among the world’s top 100 innovative CyberTech companies in 2021.

Traditional cybersecurity models attempt to predict what criminals will do next and rely on computer algorithms to score threats and determine which, if any, should be investigated.

By contrast, CYDEF’s software checks all telemetry against an ever-growing list of known, safe, allowable behavior. Everything that is not expected and deemed safe in a business environment is investigated by human analysts. This ensures computers are never making the decision as to whether an investigation is warranted. This revolutionary approach requires fewer resources and catches threats that traditional cybersecurity solutions cannot.

“Partnering with CYDEF provides and compliments Digital Resilience Cybersecurity solutions  within the threat intelligence landscape and allows Digital Resilience to offer a diverse and cost-effective solutions our clients,” said, Brandon Meszaros, CEO, Digital Resilience.

This partnership enables CYDEF and Digital Resilience to expand on their mutual goal to provide accessible, state-of-the-art cybersecurity to organisations around the world.



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Digital Resilience offers companies an integrated cyber resilient approach to protecting their digital environment. They provide best in class IT, network, and Behavioural  cybersecurity services to respond to modern cyber warfare. Digital Resilience makes use of SaaS-based and fully managed services including cybersecurity, threat detection, managed security operations, education, awareness, simulated training, and risk assessment. For more information, visit