CYDEF’s patented Stack View was developed to empower SOC analysts to perform threat hunting quickly and efficiently on 100% of telemetry collected, filling the significant gap left by other endpoint detection tools

Ottawa, Canada, February 8, 2023 — CYDEF is pleased to announce our second patent has been approved. US Patent no. 11563759 related to the Stack View of our managed detection and response (MDR) technology, SMART-Monitor, was approved by the US Patent Office on January 24, 2023.

This patent further validates our technology’s uniqueness and approach to threat hunting.

Traditional cybersecurity analysts cannot review all the data they collect because they don’t have the time. Instead, they rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to score threats based on the estimated risk. However, only the threats with the highest scores are investigated by analysts, leaving a significant gap in endpoint security.

This is the major differentiation of the CYDEF technology.

CYDEF’s patented Stack View

CYDEF’s patented Stack View (click to enlarge)

Our approach differs in that we don’t use threat scoring at all. Instead, we maintain an extensive Allow List of acceptable behaviors in a business environment. Instead of looking for what might be bad, we confirm what is ‘good’ (or expected) and investigate everything else.

Our threat hunters systematically and iteratively review all activities and add them to the Allow List or identify them as threats and act accordingly. This highly procedural approach ensures that a human reviews 100% of the telemetry.

CYDEF’s Stack View technology is what makes that possible.

“We employ a significantly different threat detection model than that of traditional EDR solutions. By focusing on expected behaviors on the endpoint instead of trying to define every new criminal attack method, we have reduced the threat hunting effort to deliver more efficient and effective detection capabilities,” said Elana Graham, Chief Operating Officer at CYDEF. “The power of the Stack View is in the way it allows our team to interact with the data. They don’t spend any time sifting thru hay trying to find a needle – with Stack View, they look at needles and can quickly classify them as good or bad. It’s a game changer in the world of threat hunting.”

Because of CYDEF, threat hunting is no longer just for the elite with big security budgets. CYDEF’s partners and customers include organizations of all sizes in industries ranging from banking, health care, and insurance, to manufacturing, retail, and fashion.

“People are often surprised to learn that the labour is included with the technology because it’s so cost-effective,” said Steve Rainville, Chief Executive Officer at CYDEF. “But SMART-Monitor was designed to maximize the effectiveness of people, processes, and technology all at once. The tech isn’t much good if you don’t have a team who can manage it. So, we take care of it for both end-customers and partners who maybe don’t have the resources in place yet to manage it on their own.”

Managing exceptions is much easier than trying to build automated software that can outwit a human.

According to IBM, automated tools can deal with approximately 80% of threats. The remaining 20% are more likely to be sophisticated attacks that cause significant damage, as they are designed to bypass automated solutions.

CYDEF created SMART-Monitor to fill that gap.

“Artificial intelligence cannot stop criminals,” said Tiago de Jesus, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at CYDEF, who has a PhD in Physics from McGill University focused on nanoelectronics. “Penetration testers prove this day in and day out. AI cannot change or adapt or modify itself on its own. To stop cyber criminals, especially the more sophisticated ones, we need humans as part of a strong defense in depth strategy.”

This exception management approach to cybersecurity is working. It’s been over three years since the launch of SMART-Monitor, and not one customer has had a breach that resulted in a successful compromise or ransomware payment. And SMART-Monitor has detected and contained numerous threats that were missed by other tools.

“Our track record speaks for itself,” said Graham. “Our customer retention rate is above 98%.”


CYDEF empowers Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to optimize their bottom line without sacrificing endpoint protection. MSPs no longer need elite talent to achieve the same results as top-tier solutions. Since we do all the work, providers wishing to break into the cybersecurity space can now do so with no additional resources or up-front costs.

CYDEF is a Qualified Respondent under the Government of Canada’s Cyber Security Procurement Vehicle (CSPV) and was named one of the World’s 100 Most Innovative CyberTech Companies, two years in a row.

With partners and customers in ten countries on five continents, we believe everyone should feel safe to do business online. For more information, visit