The company’s revolutionary ‘exception management’ approach has proven to be highly effective compared to EDR solutions

Ottawa, Canada, December 4, 2023 — CYDEF is pleased to announce that it was awarded its first Canadian patent on October 31, 2023. This is the third patent for the Canadian company, with the first two being awarded from the United States Patent Office.

Patent no. 3,089,761, as awarded by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, is related to our unique methods and systems for cyber-monitoring and visually depicting cyber-activities.

CYDEF secures first Canadian patent

There are no shortages of endpoint security solutions on the market. Still, this patent further validates the uniqueness of CYDEF’s flagship product, SMART-Monitor, which is built on the exception management principle.

“While AI plays an important role in threat hunting, investigations still require the ‘artistic judgment’ of an expert,” said Elana Graham, co-founder and COO at CYDEF. “However, those results are influenced by factors such as skill, time available, experience, and even the analyst’s mood.”

CYDEF built a solution that removes those variables for consistent, reliable results – regardless of who’s doing the work. Our analysts only need to review and classify each unknown activity once. Machine Learning technology is used to maintain an extensive ‘allow list’ across all customers, enabling analysts to classify 100% of unknowns – something unheard of prior to CYDEF.

“Once we determine an activity is acceptable in a business environment, we never have to look at it again for any customer,” added Steve Rainville, CYDEF CEO. “Unless it changes, of course, in which case, it’s treated as a new ‘unknown’ and is brought back to the surface for the team to re-classify.”

CYDEF’s proprietary allow list is well-established at this point. Of the nearly 100M events CYDEF captures each day from the devices it monitors, less than 50,000 new and unique activities need to be reviewed by analysts. That is less than 0.05%.

This means one CYDEF analyst can review and investigate all unknown activity for 20,000 endpoints. That’s between three and five times more than the industry average, and it’s only getting better.

As we grow, our solution becomes more efficient – unlike our competitors, who must hoard and process ever-increasing amounts of costly data.

The primary benefits of CYDEF’s distinctive approach are:

  1. A rigorous, repeatable process ensures better and consistent results, regardless of who’s doing the work.
  2. No stone is left unturned since 100% of unknowns are investigated by humans. Every activity must be reviewed and classified – no exceptions.
  3. Since each activity is classified only once across all customers, fewer resources are required to process the telemetry, which increases efficiency by orders of magnitude.
  4. Overhead data storage and processing costs are much lower than with traditional endpoint security solutions.
  5. Training CYDEF threat hunters is much simpler than training traditional threat hunters: It’s easier to teach someone to ask, “Is this expected?” instead of, “Is this malicious?”
  6. The global IT staffing shortage doesn’t impact us as much. We don’t need to rely solely on elite experts to consistently achieve outstanding results.
  7. Building a vastly more efficient solution ensures staffing and overhead costs are significantly reduced, keeping our prices affordable.

After five years on the market, our record speaks for itself: To date, no customer has experienced a breach that resulted in ransomware or impacted more than a few devices. We have detected and successfully stopped every malicious attack with minimal customer impact, saving millions of dollars in recovery costs.


At CYDEF, we detect threats our competitors can’t because our exception management approach leaves no unknown action on the endpoint unreviewed by the security team. Our solution is simple, transparent, affordable, and it produces continuous, consistent results in less time. Plus, it’s managed for you! We’re dedicated to providing clarity into cyber health because everyone should feel safe to do business online. For more information, visit