Canadian federal organizations, including Crown Corporations, can select CYDEF’s SMART-Monitor service from the supplier catalogue

Ottawa, Canada, January 30, 2023 — CYDEF is pleased to announce that the company is now a Qualified Respondent under the Cyber Security Procurement Vehicle (CSPV) Secure Supplier Ecosystem (SSE).

This qualification facilitates and expedites the process for Canadian federal organizations, including Crown Corporations, to select CYDEF’s SMART-Monitor service from the supplier catalogue.

The CSPV is Shared Services Canada’s (SSC) agile procurement framework for acquiring the cyber security capabilities and technologies required to protect the Government of Canada’s IT infrastructure. The CSPV provides access to readily available previously procured technologies, or to new procurement opportunities. It creates a secure, collaborative environment between government and industry in order to provide the ability to quickly respond to emerging cyber threats.

“CSPV is a game changer for us, but more importantly it has the potential to be game changer for Federal Organizations – specifically those struggling to keep their devices secure,” said Elana Graham, Chief Operating Officer at CYDEF. “With our patented technology and service we can provide effective, efficient threat hunting to their endpoints, and more importantly, free up their scarce cyber experts to focus on the bigger battles. Having a contract vehicle that allows a federal organization to single source direct to CYDEF is a win-win.”

The qualification also represents a unique opportunity for partnerships with other Qualified Respondents within the cybersecurity space.


CYDEF has built the first-of-its-kind defense-in-depth solution that fills the gap left by other providers, who only investigate high-scoring threats.

By managing the exceptions, CYDEF analysts can review and investigate 100% of unknown activities quickly. This unique approach leaves no action on the endpoint unreviewed by the security team – a feat that was previously unheard of.

As a managed service, we provide the labour and the technology to partners and customers around the world.

We recently secured our second patent and we were named one of the World’s Most Innovative CyberTech Companies two years in a row.

CYDEF is proudly Canadian. We’re dedicated providing clarity into cyber health because everyone should feel safe to do business online. For more information, visit