The Canadian company has committed to keeping customer data in country for compliance and better endpoint security

Ottawa, Canada, October 30, 2023 — CYDEF is pleased to announce its continued expansion in the Indian market with the launch of a dedicated cloud instance for its endpoint security service. This move reaffirms CYDEF’s commitment to better security outcomes and regional compliance requirements.

Despite having partners and customers in 10 countries on five continents, the Canadian company’s decision to establish a cloud instance in India was a strategic one.

CYDEF launches cloud instance in India

“This instance highlights our commitment to the Indian market and sets us apart from many of our competitors,” said Steve Rainville, CYDEF CEO. “The need for affordable, reliable endpoint security is greater than ever, and maintaining data in country is critical for organizations to be compliant with Indian regulations.”

“The approach also supports our long-term strategy,” added Rainville. “It creates a clear path to eventually opening a Security Operations Center (SOC) in India and having dedicated analysts in the region.”

The ongoing expansion in India included hiring Sumit Chouhan last month as Director, Technical Services and Channel Operations, India.

“We see great opportunities for growth among new and existing resellers,” said Chouhan. “The response has been very positive.”

CYDEF’s commitment in India reflects the company’s continued efforts to expand its global footprint and make cybersecurity accessible to organizations worldwide. The strategy also aligns with India’s growing emphasis on cybersecurity and digital resilience, including new regulations around data privacy and compliance.

CYDEF is actively seeking local partnerships and collaborations with Indian businesses, government agencies, and cybersecurity resellers. By fostering these relationships, the company aims to collectively strengthen the cybersecurity posture of the Indian ecosystem.

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