The Canadian cybersecurity company has hired Sumit Chouhan as Channel and Technical Director for India

Ottawa, Canada, Sept. 25, 2023 — CYDEF is pleased to welcome Sumit Chouhan to the team as our new Channel and Technical Director for India. Sumit will be spearheading our operations at the executive level in India, driving growth in the region, and providing comprehensive support to our partners.

Drawing on his distinguished 14-year tenure at BlackBerry, India, where he held the role of Principal Sales Engineer, Sumit brings invaluable expertise to our Indian operations. He has a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, encompassing IT infrastructure, technical sales, audit, and security compliance.

Sumit Chouhan, Channel and Technical Director for India

Sumit’s career is marked by a significant impact in crafting and implementing intricate layered network security strategies. He has a distinct specialization in fortifying secure mobile communication and comprehensive endpoint security management.

“We are very fortunate to have hired Sumit. While the current geopolitical dynamics between Canada and India present certain challenges, we are confident that these developments will have a limited impact, especially now with Sumit joining our team,” said Steve Rainville, CEO at CYDEF. “Restrictions on travel visas for our Canadian-based team may be difficult to obtain, so having a presence on the ground in India will empower us to sustain and further enhance our operations in the region. The timing of Sumit’s addition to our team couldn’t have been more opportune.”

“CYDEF is a visionary leader in the realm of cybersecurity. I have made the choice to join CYDEF because of their pioneering and groundbreaking approach to cyber threat management,” said Chouhan. “Their innovative methods not only fortify organizations’ security postures but also substantially enhance their cybersecurity capabilities, thereby critically contributing to the safety and uninterrupted continuity of business operations. This transformation makes them more secure, agile, and exceptionally well-prepared to confront the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.”

CYDEF currently has partners and customers in 10 countries on five continents.


CYDEF built the only cybersecurity solution based on exception management. We don’t score threats to determine whether or not to investigate. Instead, we set aside legitimate activities we’ve previously classified (across all customers) and investigate everything that’s left over. Each activity only needs to be classified once and it applies to all customers.

This ensures 100% of unknowns are systematically reviewed by humans — a feat that was previously unheard of. Our Machine Learning technology makes our work exponentially more efficient, empowering our analysts to make decisions only humans should make.

This is why we detect threats that bypass even industry-leading solutions.

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