CENGN Supports CYDEF Growth

In partnership with Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN), CYDEF identified opportunities to reduce delivery costs while expanding solutions coverage to more than 1 million devices.

CYDEF Identifies Opportunities to Scale at Cost

Ottawa, Canada  April 27, 2021 — CYDEF, a leading provider of endpoint security solutions,  announced today the successful completion of solution validation with Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN).

The collaboration with CENGN indicates CYDEF’s solutions are scalable to 100,000+ devices and enables CYDEF to plot a clear course to scale beyond 1 million devices. The testing data equips CYDEF with the confidence to extend the scale of the company’s solutions offerings into more and larger organizations.

An Ongoing Commitment to SMEs

Through infrastructure optimization in collaboration with CENGN, CYDEF not only created robust processes for solution delivery at scale but committed to solutions provision at a stable, value-oriented price.

In many cases, companies must increase their prices to expand into new markets. The data provided by CENGN indicates CYDEF can easily expand coverage capacity without increasing solutions pricing.

Small and medium businesses who’ve grown accustomed to the verifiable security provided by CYDEF’s endpoint detection and response coverage can continue to benefit from the company’s robust cybersecurity protection.

“With the support of the team at CENGN, CYDEF identified opportunities to substantially reduce our delivery costs,” states CYDEF Vice President of Product Management Mark Levine. “We benefitted immensely from the expert Solutions Engineers and Project Managers at CENGN, who helped optimize the performance of our solutions and ultimately empowered us to grow our business. ”

Learn more about the outcome of the CENGN-CYDEF collaboration.


CYDEF provides anti-malware, cybersecurity threat detection, and incident monitoring solutions for SMEs and Managed Service Providers. The CYDEF team leverages decades of security operations and military experience. We’re dedicated to delivering verifiable cybersecurity solutions that provide clarity into endpoint health. For more information visit https://cydef.ca/