The partnership will address the region’s need for more affordable managed detection and response solutions.

Ottawa, Canada, January 12, 2023 — CYDEF is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with iValue, an IT company headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, providing a wide range of customized IT solutions. The distributor agreement enables iValue to offer CYDEF’s patented solution to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the West Asian market.

As an established IT System Integrator, with locations in Baroda and Surat, and partner locations across 23 cities in India, iValue is uniquely positioned to bring SMART-Monitor, CYDEF’s cost-effective cybersecurity solution, to West Asia.

With over 13 years of experience, iValue’s wide range of services includes IT Infrastructure, managed services, cloud and IT services, digital security, hardware leasing and financing, surveillance and security, as well as software deployment and consulting.

“There is a lack of cybersecurity maturity in India. Western solutions are often too costly and demand considerable resources to manage,” said Dewang Modi, Managing Director at iValue. “CYDEF’s solution is the only one like it in the market. It allows our resellers to provide enterprise-level detection and response to small and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises alike. CYDEF has essentially industrialized cybersecurity and threat hunting.”

“I met Dewang at a networking event, and we immediately knew it was a good fit,” said Steve Rainville, CEO at CYDEF. “This is a great opportunity for both parties. CYDEF is now five years old, but our flagship product, SMART-Monitor, was only launched three years ago. We’re very excited to be bringing it to India as we shift from start-up to scale-up.”

“It’s been a flurry of activity since I was introduced to Dewang,” said Ameen Sait, CRO at CYDEF. “Just a few weeks after meeting him, I was invited to speak about threat hunting in four Indian cities over five days. We saw a lot of interest in the region even before the partnership was finalized. Dewang and his team have been great to work with and we’re all looking forward to the growth that 2023 will bring.”

MSPs appreciate CYDEF’s unique solution because it requires significantly fewer resources to manage, enabling them to provide a higher level of security for less. With the global IT staffing shortage, doing more with fewer IT resources is a necessity across all industries.

Together, the two companies aim to improve security outcomes in India by making enterprise grade Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and threat hunting accessible to all.

About iValue

iValue is a leading-edge B2B technical solutions company that utilises its extensive knowledge of corporate technology to provide state-of-art solutions unmatched in both quality and post-sale maintenance. For more information, visit


CYDEF enables Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to optimize their bottom line without sacrificing endpoint protection. MSPs no longer need elite talent to achieve the same results as top-tier solutions. Since we do all the work, providers wishing to break into the cybersecurity space can now do so with no resources or up-front costs. Our unique threat-hunting-first approach is the only solution of its kind, which fills the gap left by other endpoint protection tools. For more information, visit