Creating local jobs in the IT sector an important benefit of the agreement 


Ottawa, Canada, June 23, 2022 — CYDEF is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Chatwin, a company in the Dominican Republic providing design, implementation, and support of world-class IT solutions to companies within the United States, the Caribbean, and Central America.  

Chatwin, a Managed Service Provider with offices in the Dominican Republic’s capital, Santo Domingo, and Tampa, Florida, has been offering a wide range of IT services including infrastructure, wireless networks, data center services, servers and storage, software licensing, service, and support, as well as Break & Fix services, for more than 15 years. 

“CYDEF’s technology is a perfect fit for our customers,” said Freddy Gonzalez Milanes, CEO, Chatwin. “It fills a gap that is missing in the cybersecurity market. Our team is going to manage the technology here in the Dominican Republic, allowing us to create local jobs in the IT sector, and transfer knowledge and skills locally.” 

Building the strength of the local economy is high on Mr. Gonzalez Milanes’ list. “We have an important relationship with the best technical institute here in the Domincan Republic, ITLA. Their students receive high level education, but unfortunately, they lack opportunities for students to get sufficient job seats to get hands-on experience. We would love to partner with them and other educational institutions to provide internships for students in IT and cybersecurity programs. 

“Many IT and cybersecurity services can be outsourced halfway around the world, but our aim is to build and keep the knowledge and skills here in the Dominican Republic,” Gonzalez Milanes continued.  

“I’m really happy about this partnership because it’s not just about acquiring customers, it’s about making more people understand and learn and get better in cybersecurity,” said Steve Rainville, CEO, CYDEF. “I think we’re making cybersecurity more accessible, easier to understand and be good at, and that’s good for everyone. We’re excited about transferring that knowledge to the Chatwin team.” 

Mr. Rainville will be speaking at the CyberSec Summit hosted by Connecta in the Dominican Republic later this month. While he’s there, Mr. Gonzalez Milanes is “taking full advantage” and lining up meetings with clients in the banking, energy, insurance, and healthcare industries, to name a few. “His visit will be quick, but we’re making the most of it,” said Gonzalez Milanes. 

“This partnership came together quite effortlessly. It was a good fit from the start and we hit it off with Freddy and his team right off the bat. And of course, as soon as the CYDEF team learned we were speaking to a potential partner in the Dominican Republic, I think every single staff member volunteered to travel to support them,” joked Rainville. “Some are still trying to stow away in my suitcase,” he added with grin. 


About Chatwin 

With more than 15 years operating in the Caribbean, Chatwin has delivered high-standard, world-class technology solutions to customers predominantly in finance, healthcare, government, education, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing, generating more value and efficiency to local and global companies within the United States, the Caribbean, and Central America. For more information, visit 


About CYDEF  

CYDEF is a Canadian company providing cybersecurity threat prevention, detection, and incident response solutions for SMEs and Managed Service Providers. The CYDEF team leveraged decades of security operations and military experience to revolutionize cybersecurity. We’re dedicated providing clarity into cyber health and making it safe to do business online. For more information, visit