CYDEF is pleased to announce a round of funding from Business Development Canada (BDC) that will support the expansion of the CYDEF team.

CYDEF to Scale Up Sales & Marketing Endeavours

Ottawa, Canada, June 15, 2021 — CYDEF is pleased to announce a round of funding from Business Development Canada (BDC). The influx of capital will enable CYDEF to scale the Sales and Marketing team, with a focus on growing into new international markets.

Over the past year, BDC collaborated with CYDEF to build practical strategies for growth in a globally competitive marketplace. With this support, CYDEF built capacity to support Managed Service Providers with a patent-pending technology for efficient, affordable Endpoint Detection and Response.

“This round of funding is an important next step in CYDEF’s growth plan. The company is focused on building our presence in international markets and fostering new partnership opportunities,” stated Elana Graham, CYDEF’s Chief Operating Officer. “Access to support from agencies like BDC are invaluable to the growth of Canadian businesses, like ours, in new markets. We’re grateful for BDC’s ongoing support of our operations.”

CYDEF is an Ottawa-based company, with operations across Canada. As a dedicated channel provider, CYDEF is proud to support Managed Service Providers around the world, from the United States to the UAE to India.


Elana Graham
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer


CYDEF provides cybersecurity threat prevention, detection and incident response solutions for SMEs and Managed Service Providers. The CYDEF team leverages decades of security operations and military experience. We’re dedicated to delivering verifiable cybersecurity solutions that provide clarity into endpoint health. For more information, visit