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We make it easy for you to protect your clients while drastically increasing your operational efficiency. Our state-of-the-art, zero-trust solution is transparent and verifiable, allowing you to see exactly what’s happening and if we’ve done what we say we’ve done.

We’ll detect threats such as policy violations, misconfigurations, phishing, zero-day exploits, crypto mining, living off the land attacks, potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), espionage, and of course, ransomware.

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Sean Slattery, Founder & CTO, Caribbean Solutions Lab, talks about his experience with CYDEF.

Partner with CYDEF for:

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  • Managed service: Not only are we easy to work with, we take care of everything so you don’t have to lift a finger

  • Efficiency: Low to zero false positives saves you time and increases your operational efficiency

  • Visibility: Clear information and transparency about all incidents and endpoint activity

  • Adaptability: Easily adapts to network/site changes to avoid additional costs for expansion and wasted resources with consolidations

  • Cloud-native technology: Our solution is easy to deploy, easy to scale, uses little bandwidth, and doesn’t require additional hardware

  • Scalability: Regardless of the size of clients you serve, you’ll be able to offer them our solution

Our competitive stance

Many cybersecurity providers treat events that aren’t malicious as unimportant information.

At CYDEF, we treat any unwanted activity as relevant – not just the activities that will inflict the most damage. From malware to adware to unwanted programs, our solution analyzes all types of threats.

We cross-reference all endpoint activity against our list of known, safe activities, and known malicious activity. Then, our team of cybersecurity experts reviews the remaining activities and classifies them as either safe or malicious. This unique approach, based on the zero-trust model, means that, as we classify more and more activities, the efficiency of our system grows even stronger.

With every device we protect, our system gets exponentially more efficient.

CYDEF’s MDR service offers:

  • Detection and response: We identify threats as activity occurs on your client’s endpoints, making for quick and efficient isolation and remediation

  • Expert analysis and support: Our team reviews, investigates, and classifies all unknown activity. We respond to malicious activities

  • Protection from Day 1: Our solution detects threats as soon as it’s installed, and no additional hardware is required

  • Compatibility: Works with your client’s existing technology stack, including other cybersecurity products

Fostering a proactive approach

Enhance your clients’ cybersecurity stance with clear knowledge of what happens on their endpoints – and why. Activity recorded in CYDEF’s SaaS portal enables continuous improvement planning and a simplified approach to security.

  • Too many erroneous links clicked? Cybersecurity awareness training may be required.
  • Too many potentially unwanted programs detected? User permissions may need revision.

CYDEF builds solutions to enhance our service providers’ cybersecurity stack. Our technology is simple to install and seamlessly detects, analyzes, and enables swift response against security threats.

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CYDEF is our trusted partner, we use their services as a second and sometimes third set of eyes on our client endpoints to help identify potential threats. They continually identify PUP and sometimes malware that has happened to get past our other security tools, then provide steps and assistance with removal.

We trust CYDEF because their teams have worked with us directly showing how we can improve our services and they welcome feedback allowing their services to improve. Their security team has been highly responsive and communicative about new malware threats as they hit the landscape, which is appreciated.

Scott Pettie

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