I’ve already been attacked, what are the odds it will happen again?

Sadly, repeat attacks are very common. In fact, 80% of ransomware victims suffer repeat attacks. Typically, repeat attacks happen 12-13 months apart. Cyber criminals know that most people make this assumption and don't make any changes to their cybersecurity profile. So they give your business just enough time to recover before they come after [...]

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Why do I need cybersecurity if I have a firewall and anti-virus program?

Our solution identifies threats that evade firewalls and anti-virus. This includes policy violations, crypto mining, ransomware, and espionage. AV can only prevent attacks from malicious software that it has previously encountered. Any never-before-seen attacks (known as “zero-day” attacks) can slip right through. Sadly, every business is at risk. Cyber criminals use your devices to [...]

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