Minimum technical requirements

  • System resources: 2GB RAM, 1GB in disk space
  • Internet access with ports 443, 5671, and 5672 open for outbound communications between the agent and the Internet*
  • Bandwidth: approx. 3 GB/mo/device (varies)


The CYDEF Agent is compatible with all currently supported versions of Windows, found here:

For existing customers with Windows or Windows Server versions that have passed end of support or end of extended support: We will continue to provide service with the installed version of the agent, but no updates to the agent or SYSMON will be provided. Customers assume all risks for known and unknown vulnerabilities discovered in these older products.


  • macOS: Catalina 10.15+


Linux Servers operate on  many different variants and distributions. As a general rule, CYDEF aims to offer support whenever possible, especially for modern builds. For the best results, please provide your list of in use versions to the CYDEF customer success team and they will be happy to reply back with the support status.

We currently support distributions built with Ubuntu v18 or higher, Red Hat RHEL 7 or higher, Kali 2022, Majaro 19 or higher and any distribution such as Arch Linux built with the Linux Kernel 5 or higher.

There may be cases where a specific installation on Linux will require some technical assistance from CYDEF in order to succeed. CYDEF is happy to provide this assistance free of charge for any of the above supported platforms.

Last updated: July 6, 2023