Traditional cybersecurity solutions rely on automation to score threats based on estimated risk. However, only the threats with the highest scores are investigated by analysts due to overwhelming amounts of data and lack of resources. This leaves customers vulnerable to more sophisticated attacks, which are specifically engineered to bypass automated security tools.

At CYDEF, we don’t score threats at all. Instead, we start by classifying and filtering out what’s ‘normal’ in a business environment. Once those activities are set aside, everything that’s left over is a potential threat and gets investigated.

Our Machine Learning technology serves to make our work exponentially more efficient, empowering our analysts to make the important decisions on what is a threat and what is not. This ensures there is no guessing and no gaps.

100% of unknowns are systematically reviewed by humans — a feat that was previously unheard of.

This is why we detect threats our competitors can’t.

The result is a simple, affordable, and more effective solution. And it’s managed for you.