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Roadmap to Zero Trust in Education


About this event Join us for an open talk about the adoption of Zero Trust and its affects on policies and process within education environments. Topics will include an overview of Zero Trust, challenges faced in an educational environment and how policies can be re-written to better fit a Zero Trust world and allow for […]

Modern malware: Stories from the front lines


About this event Join Michael Noory, Senior Cyber Threat Hunter at CYDEF to learn how modern day cyber-attacks are evading traditional cybersecurity solutions. Michael will cover living-off-the-lands attacks, such as PowerShell-embedded word documents, as well as other recent examples of advanced cyber threats which have bypassed perimeter defenses. This session will be recorded and made […]

Cybersecurity: Where should we start?

Live stream

About this event Investing in cybersecurity isn’t something a small or medium-sized business does when they can afford it. It’s an essential step the moment you’ve got devices connected to the internet. Security risks start from day one and only increase as you build your business, accumulate more sensitive information and grow your online customer […]

Supply Chain Cyber-Attacks and their Impact on Project Managers


Supply chain cyber-attacks and their impact on project managers With the attacks on Kaseya and SolarWinds causing cyber incidents in hundreds of their customers, supply chain attacks are a top-of-mind topic. This presentation will cover what supply chain attacks are, who does them and why, as well as the kind of countermeasures that need to […]

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