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Lead your team through change with less agony

In an industry where change is a never-ending roller coaster of chaos, how can you and your team overcome resistance to change?

Humans don’t like change. Change is a distraction. It takes you and your team away from your work. It hinders productivity, reduces morale, and causes frustration and miscommunication. It takes time and it costs money.

And change is inevitable.

In this presentation, you’ll learn concrete strategies to help your team better navigate and accept change, so you can get back to being productive.

About the Speaker

Kimberly Nichols is the Digital Marketing Manager at CYDEF. Early in her career, she discovered her passion for teaching, training, and public speaking. She ran her own marketing company for 15 years and taught marketing strategies and tactics to clients and peers, later expanding those topics to include soft skills such as productivity and communication. As the person often initiating change within organizations, becoming a Change Cycle certified instructor just made sense. She has helped countless organizations learn to better manage and navigate change.

About the event

Camp Secure Sense is a central hub for cyber security individuals to learn about cutting edge technologies, discover Secure Sense leading services and network among like minded professionals.

If you’re looking to work hard, and play hard you’ve come to the right place! Taking a thought leadership approach, we offer our technology partners the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise through hands-on learning (leaving the saley fluff at the door) all while having a little fun.

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