Security awareness training

Reduce your risk associated with cyber attacks

A more effective Security Awareness Training platform

The best Security Awareness Training results in behavioral changes that reduce employee vulnerability at all levels. The problem is that most Security Awareness Training is dull and doesn’t engage users. It’s difficult to get participation to maintain employee alertness and compliance, even with the best quality content.

Employees don’t engage with static content or videos, and don’t retain knowledge. A new approach is needed to engage learners. Because if they aren’t engaged, they won’t learn to defend against cyber attacks.

And shaming your team for making mistakes fosters resentment and employee backlash… which in turn, reduces participation even further.

The solution is to gamify the learning experience

Gamification is proven to drive engagement and knowledge retention.

When employees have an engaging experience, they are better able to understand the concepts and impacts from decisions they make in the real world. When they have a fun way to learn and test their own skills in realistic situations, their confidence grows. And they enjoy the fun and the challenges.

To provide our customers with the best Security Awareness Training, we have partnered with Click Armor.

Engage rather than shame

Reduce end-user vulnerability

Increase participation

Why have we partnered with Click Armor?

Click Armor makes security awareness training more fun, engaging and effective.

We help businesses dramatically improve compliance rates and reduce employee vulnerability to cyberthreats like phishing and social engineering. And we do it in a way that employees love.

  • Achieve better employee participation through engagement
  • Ensure more retention of knowledge for threats and risks
  • Build a more positive and inclusive security culture

CYDEF has negotiated great rates for our customers, so contact us today to learn how you can incorporate gamification in your Security Awareness Training.

How Click Armor differs from traditional phishing and social engineering awareness training

Our cybersecurity awareness approach


Our simulations use game elements proven to increase engagement and retention. Rather than watching a video or presentation and then completing a quiz like in traditional employee security awareness training, users first explore concepts using challenges. Then they are placed into visually engaging animated simulations that prepare them for real world phishing attacks.

Executive reporting

Rather than just reporting on how many people have completed training, Click Armor reports on their proficiency based on their performance in making real risk decisions. Executive reporting is built to measure compliance and proficiency. It provides insight into your team’s performance identifying participation rates, top performers, and vulnerabilities that must be addressed.

Flexible and customized

The platform is designed for rapid development and deployment of cyber security awareness learning challenges and simulations and can accommodate any number of users. It can also be branded for your company and we can create custom content for specific challenges you wish to address. Aks us about simulations tailored to your organization’s specific security needs.

Did you know?

91% of IT breaches are caused by phishing1, but only 3% of people globally are able to correctly identify phishing emails2.

Sources: 1. Deloitte, 2. Business Wire

Why gamified learning works

Click Armor’s gamified Security Awareness Training

  • Engagement: Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards help employees to focus on understanding and progressing.

  • Knowledge Retention: Deeper interactions and repeated challenges help employees remember concepts.

  • Immediate Feedback: Interactive challenges allow employees to make connections from decisions to impacts.

  • Safe Environment: Learners can be put into scenarios where they can see effects of decisions without negative consequences.

  • Analytics: A captive environment provides a deeper view of retained knowledge.

Key features

  • Foundational courses have a variety of fun learning challenges that focus on efficient learning of risk decisions.

  • Gamified weekly challenges are automated to keep employees focused on using best practices for analyzing threats on an ongoing basis.

  • Gamified simulations are used to put learners into scenarios that replicate real-life situations, where they can practice and recognize important patterns.

  • Coverage of key risk areas supports compliance with security standards such as SOC2, ISO27001 and others.

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