Anti-malware protection

The first layer in your defense in depth strategy

Keeping your business safe from known threats

Anti-malware tools play an important role in cybersecurity, providing crucial defense against cataloged threat signatures (threats that have been seen before).

Anti-malware solutions quarantine malicious files to protect your business. For example, they scan files on desktops, laptops, and server hard drives or assess an email attachment before it is opened.

CYDEF has partnered with ESET® to offer world-class preventative anti-malware security.

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Advanced protection you can rely on

Defense in depth

Anti-malware is a small but essential part of your cybersecurity portfolio. Because we can detect known threats, this is the first step in protecting your network. But, contrary to popular belief, it’s not enough. Criminals continually change their attack patterns to get around anti-malware, which presents a significant risk and requires fast and efficient detection.

We have partnered with ESET® to offer world-class anti-malware technology. We can offer it as a cost-effective stand-alone product, but it’s included at no extra charge in our managed detection and response solution. This combination provides defense in depth protection from both known and unknown threats. Learn more about our very unique approach to detecting unknown threats.

Anti-Malware - Protection from known threats

Known versus unknown threats

Known threats

Known threats are viruses, worms, adware, and malware previously identified by cybersecurity experts. In response, security vendors create defensive anti-malware signatures to detect and prevent these malicious programs from executing.

Unknown threats

Unknown threats are brand new threats that are not yet known to the cybersecurity community. For example, cyber attackers develop new malware to infect computers. Unfortunately, these new threats don’t match existing signatures, so the anti-malware programs cannot stop them.

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