We started off providing [SMART-Monitor] as an option to our customers to take this higher level of security. We’ve now made it mandatory for our customers. We’ve seen the benefit of it, we’ve seen it proven over time and so, we rolled it out across the board.

That said, TruPoint is always evaluating the security services landscape. We’re looking always for what’s next in terms of providing security services. And CYDEF has continually performed at a level — and at a price point, quite frankly — that has allowed us and encouraged us, to renew that relationship over and over through the years.

Kelly Beardmore
Co-Founder and COO
Branden Parker
CEO and Founder
Brandon Meszaros
Sean Slattery
Founder & CTO

CYDEF is an extra set of eyes keeping watch over what is happening on your computer systems.  We use the standard security software on our and our clients’ systems, anti-virus, anti-malware, health monitoring, etc.  But, having CYDEF watching the processes that are happening on those systems means, even if we get busy with the everyday tasks of running our business and doing what we need to be doing, we are assured that CYDEF and their threat hunting experts are keeping an extra eye out for anything that is abnormal happening on the systems we are responsible for and letting us know so we can look into it and take care of it.  It gives us peace of mind knowing there are real live human experts double checking that the automated systems we are using aren’t missing flagging us about any of those unusual happenings on our and our clients’ systems.  That makes it much easier for us to focus on all the other things we need to do, like taking care of our own clients.

CYDEF has proven to us over and over that they are not out to tell us what is normal or acceptable on the systems we take care of, but instead, to work with us to ensure we understand when they are seeing something that isn’t normally seen, and what it might mean, so we can decide for ourselves, and in cooperation with our clients, whether it is allowable or not.  We still have full control over what is allowed and not allowed on our systems, as do our clients.  But, we have experts in our back pocket to help us analyze the possible risks from different events and make good decisions on what should and shouldn’t be allowed.  Then, they follow through with helping us to enforce those decisions.  In short, we aren’t being dictated to, they are our partners in securing the systems and businesses we are charged with protecting, which allows and assists us with maintaining control over our business, our systems, and the data we are responsible for and with allowing our clients’ the same control over their businesses.

Laura Franks

CYDEF allowed us to break into the cybersecurity space with no up-front costs. They supported us every step of the way, from sitting in on sales calls and demos, to training our staff in sales and threat hunting. We were able to hire cybersecurity staff as our sales increased. We now support our own clients around the world and have the reassurance that CYDEF is there if we need them. They helped us expand our business and achieve our goals much more quickly with a lot less risk.

We trust CYDEF because they deliver on their promises. They care about their clients, and they have a fantastic team who provide excellent support. They listen to feedback and will do what they can to help us succeed.

Lee Traill

CYDEF is our trusted partner, we use their services as a second and sometimes third set of eyes on our client endpoints to help identify potential threats. They continually identify PUP and sometimes malware that has happened to get past our other security tools, then provide steps and assistance with removal.

We trust CYDEF because their teams have worked with us directly showing how we can improve our services and they welcome feedback allowing their services to improve. Their security team has been highly responsive and communicative about new malware threats as they hit the landscape, which is appreciated.

Scott Pettie

We’ve partnered with CYDEF to bring another level of enterprise-grade security to our cloud desktop service. Now, out-of-the-box, our customers get a managed security service that continually monitors and responds to cyberattacks.

Managing, updating and securing a highly distributed network of servers and workstations without interrupting their service is a huge issue for our company. By working with CYDEF, we benefit from a managed service designed to continuously monitor and respond to cyberattacks.

SFY Information Technology


Vince Ricottilli
Jason Dunk
Chief Technology Officer

At MDK Business Law, we work every day with technology and other knowledge-based businesses. As you can imagine, our legal team is privy to very sensitive client information which we access from a variety of locations and devices. Prior to working with the CYDEF team, we lacked visibility into our cybersecurity situation but we knew that we needed to take proactive measures to keep our clients’ data secure. CYDEF provides us with peace of mind through the use of SMART-Monitor on all of our workstations. We’re experts in the law, not cybersecurity, so we are very pleased that CYDEF provides us with a first-class solution that secures our confidential information from malicious attacks.

Naomi Morisawa De Koven
Managing Lawyer

Yesterday I mentioned our relationship with CYDEF and encouraged police services to start looking further out for protection. Relying only on our managers and leaders is near sighted protection. We need over the horizon assistance and constant monitoring.

I hope you get some inquiries from public safety agencies. I enjoyed reading a recent article in the media that included CYDEF as a top 10 new IT company in Canada.

Scott Tod, Chief of Police

We were looking for additional coverage from the increasing threats of ransomware and malware. The peace of mind in having an additional layer of protection, coupled with the unique approach CYDEF uses, led us to give them a try. The SolarWinds supply chain attack really made us look at what we’re currently doing and what else might be out there to help us stay secure.

Our experience with CYDEF has been excellent. They took the time to get to know us and garnered trust by working with us to tune their software to our environment. They committed time and resources to us in the beginning where few other vendors have done so. Their product does what they say it does and has easily fit into our infrastructure without taxing resources both human and technical on our side.

Jason Dunk, Chief Technology Officer

Cyber exposure is troublesome in Switzerland. Many businesses experience frequent and extensive attacks. Finding a tool like SMART-Monitor quickly eased the pain of frequent attacks.

Theo Musallam

As an IT Consultant, I’m exposed to a range of technological and cybersecurity solutions. I recommend CYDEF to my clients for their unique technology combined with manual intervention. The approach really reduces workload while ensuring a network environment is totally secure.

Ventura Consulting

Finding a cyber security solution gets a little tricky when you’re operating on several continents, and in very different facilities. CYDEF’s managed solutions provide the capacity, support and flexibility to keep Metro’s network environment secure.


With CYDEF’s support, we have achieved our stated goal of being “best-in-class” as a company when it comes to protecting our systems, our work, and our clients’ information.


The team behind SMART-Monitor is nothing short of amazing. They are proactive and responsive. They don’t miss a thing. Even the smallest anomaly becomes a priority until the team understands what’s happening.

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