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CYDEF solutions provide businesses with leading edge endpoint detection and response tools.

By combining machine learning with manual intervention, our tools are constantly growing stronger. Each time our tools record new attack vectors, they grow more effective and responsive.

At CYDEF, we build solutions to ensure that your environment stays secure.

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CYDEF is our trusted partner, we use their services as a second and sometimes third set of eyes on our client endpoints to help identify potential threats. They continually identify PUP and sometimes malware that has happened to get past our other security tools, then provide steps and assistance with removal.

We trust CYDEF because their teams have worked with us directly showing how we can improve our services and they welcome feedback allowing their services to improve. Their security team has been highly responsive and communicative about new malware threats as they hit the landscape, which is appreciated.

Scott Pettie
We were looking for additional coverage from the increasing threats of ransomware and malware. The peace of mind in having an additional layer of protection, coupled with the unique approach CYDEF uses, led us to give them a try. The SolarWinds supply chain attack really made us look at what we’re currently doing and what else might be out there to help us stay secure.

Our experience with CYDEF has been excellent. They took the time to get to know us and garnered trust by working with us to tune their software to our environment. They committed time and resources to us in the beginning where few other vendors have done so. Their product does what they say it does and has easily fit into our infrastructure without taxing resources both human and technical on our side.

Jason Dunk, Chief Technology Officer
CYDEF allowed us to break into the cybersecurity space with no up-front costs. They supported us every step of the way, from sitting in on sales calls and demos, to training our staff in sales and threat hunting. We were able to hire cybersecurity staff as our sales increased. We now support our own clients around the world and have the reassurance that CYDEF is there if we need them. They helped us expand our business and achieve our goals much more quickly with a lot less risk.

We trust CYDEF because they deliver on their promises. They care about their clients, and they have a fantastic team who provide excellent support. They listen to feedback and will do what they can to help us succeed.

Lee Traill

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