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How it works

  • Submit the form and a member of the CYDEF team will reach out to ask a few questions about your business, your needs, and the estimated number of endpoints (computers and servers)

  • We’ll explain our simple pricing model, which is based on actual usage

  • You will be emailed a link to download our agent installer and a key that is unique to your organization

  • That’s it! You’re ready to start installing the CYDEF agent on your endpoints

  • We will confirm that your endpoints are sending telemetry as expected — since there is no learning period, protection begins immediately

  • You are only billed for what you use — no minimums and no set up fee

  • Cancel any time within those first 30 days and you won’t be billed (don’t forget to uninstall the CYDEF agent!)



CYDEF solutions provide businesses with leading edge endpoint detection and response tools.

By combining machine learning with manual intervention, our tools are constantly growing stronger. Each time our tools record new attack vectors, they grow more effective and responsive.

At CYDEF, we build solutions to ensure that your environment stays secure.

  • Detailed reports
  • Smart alerts
  • Proactive response
  • Responsive remediation

  • Automated actions
  • Continuous improvement



As an IT Consultant, I’m exposed to a range of technological and cybersecurity solutions. I recommend CYDEF to my clients for their unique technology combined with manual intervention. The approach really reduces workload while ensuring a network environment is totally secure.

Ventura Consulting
CYDEF allowed us to break into the cybersecurity space with no up-front costs. They supported us every step of the way, from sitting in on sales calls and demos, to training our staff in sales and threat hunting. We were able to hire cybersecurity staff as our sales increased. We now support our own clients around the world and have the reassurance that CYDEF is there if we need them. They helped us expand our

Lee Traill

Yesterday I mentioned our relationship with CYDEF and encouraged police services to start looking further out for protection. Relying only on our managers and leaders is near sighted protection. We need over the horizon assistance and constant monitoring. I hope you get some inquiries from public safety agencies. I enjoyed reading a recent article in the media that included CYDEF as a top 10 new IT company in Canada.

Scott Tod, Chief of Police

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your first month is on us.