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The CYDEF team leverages decades of security operations and military experience. Together we’re creating endpoint detection and response tools and services for SMEs, not-for-profits, and large enterprises alike. We’re dedicated to continuous cybersecurity development.

CYDEF was established with a collaborative vision and a deep dedication to curiosity and respect.

We’re a privately funded and proudly Canadian organization.

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How we’re different

When our system identifies new activity — meaning no other system has performed that specific activity before it gets verified by an analyst who verifies whether the activity should be classified as normal or potentially dangerous.

As these classifications are made, they’re stored in a repository that applies to all CYDEF customers. Over time, the frequency of ‘new’ activity diminishes, making our system exponentially more efficient with every new device we protect.


With CYDEF’s support, we have achieved our stated of goal of being “best-in-class” as a company when it comes to protecting our systems, our work, and our clients’ information.

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