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AV vs EDR: An Introduction to Antivirus Bypass 

Cyber attackers use sneaky tricks to evade detection. This post reviews the classes of attacks that bypass detection. We often interact with customers that are a bit puzzled by what we do.  They already have a cybersecurity software on their endpoint, an AV and a firewall. Why would they need anything more? Preventive vs Detective Security Controls  While AV detects [...]

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A $100,000 Save Made by Detecting Emotet

The malware known as Emotet is back in action. Now, it’s more malicious than ever. It’s estimated that 7% of global organizations have been subject to Emotet. One of CYDEF’s managed detection and response clients was one of them. Fortunately, our team of analysts detected unusual activity associated with the attack before damage was done. The following post details [...]

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How Cyber Attacks Impact School Boards

Cyber attacks impact school boards – students, teachers and administrators alike – at an exponential rate. Schools appear to be a treasure trove of sensitive personal information, the ideal target for a ransomware attack. In fact, Canada’s Internet Registration Authority reported that Canadian school boards experienced, on average, 50 attempted attacks per week during a 3-week testing period. Students, Teachers [...]

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Tracking Cyber Exposure

Tracking cyber exposure requires detailed investigation to understand how a network has been breached and what data has been exposed to attackers. The following post explains how CYDEF investigates cyber exposure using our proprietary tool, SMART-Monitor. 2020: Ending with a Surge of Breaches In the final months of 2020, global networks were inundated by a surge of breaches. Our CYDEF [...]

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Cybersecurity Predictions 2021

CYDEF’s cybersecurity predictions for 2021, including ransomware expectations, cloud-based software risks, and budget impacts on cyber protection. CYDEF’s Cybersecurity Predictions 2021 Around the new year, it seems blogs either are reviewing the year that’s ending or predicting the events of the coming year. I decided to try my hand at predicting the future. The following post details three predictions - [...]

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The ART of Selecting a Managed Detection and Response Company

Tips for selecting a managed detection and response company based on Actionable, Relevant and Timely response criteria.  Selecting a Managed Detection and Response Company is a Complex Task Cybersecurity is often difficult to understand, especially for the average business owner. These people devote their time to managing their enterprise, not studying cybersecurity tactics and trends. Unfortunately, that means these businesses may misinterpret basic [...]

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Adrozek Silently Alters Search Results in Web Browsers

Adrozek, a drive by download attack, may be impacting your business’s browsers. From desktops to laptops to mobile devices, your endpoint security should be assessed.Detecting Adrozek’s Malicious AdwareOn December 10th, 2020, Microsoft announced detection of the malicious adware Adrozek on a variety of browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, and Mozilla Firefox.Adrozek is distributed via a drive by [...]

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Data Breaches: The Reality of Cybersecurity 

Cyber attacks at SolarWinds and FireEye underline the importance of cyber risk management. Breaches happen. The best action is strategic planning.   Attacks Can Impact Any Business Regardless of preparation and perimeter defenses, cyber attacks impact businesses of all sizes.   Last week, a major provider of network management tools reported a significant cyber attack. Their build environment was compromised so that [...]

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Risk Management: The Strongest Cybersecurity Tactic

Prevention is Not the (Only) Cure Risk management is the strongest cybersecurity tactic, outweighing the roles of prevention and detection. Our clients often indicate they’re looking for a solution that detects and blocks threats, while preventing infection. This may seem perfectly natural upon first glance. After all, what’s the point of detecting malware once your network is infected? An ounce of prevention is worth a [...]

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Defense in Depth as a Cyber Risk Prevention Tactic

On the Relationship Between Cheese and Risk In cybersecurity, there is a lot of talk of “defense in depth”, but sometimes it is unclear what people mean… or why you should care. This post answers questions about the concept of “defense in depth”, with unexpected help from a famous cheese family.  What is defense in depth? Like many concepts [...]

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What is SASE?

Secure access, secure edge (SASE) is the hot ticket cybersecurity. Do you understand the benefits? Introducing: SASE Whenever sales of security products dip, vendors leverage buzzwords in an effort to explain business problems. They push the buzzword hard for a short while, just long enough for people to buy it and figure out the claims were vastly overblown. By [...]

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Why MDR is Mission Critical for SMBs

Managed Detection and Response tools provide SMBs with highly effective cybersecurity in the face of increasingly frequent and complex attacks. What is MDR? Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides businesses with the capacity to detect threats, respond to incidents, and monitor device, app and network usage. Best of all: a third party takes responsibility for management of the tool. [...]

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