You may have read recently about Apache’s Log4j vulnerability impacting vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Amazon Web Services, VMware, ConnectWise, Fortinet, and even the US and Canadian governments.

After a thorough review, we confirm that none of our products and services, including the software agents and web portals, utilize Log4j. Thus, we are not vulnerable to the recently disclosed zero-day vulnerability.

Does that mean a similar vulnerability couldn’t impact us in the future?
Absolutely not. Ironically, no one is safe from cyber threats, including cybersecurity companies. But read on to find out why our solution is truly revolutionary and a much better approach to cybersecurity in our (somewhat) biased opinion.

What’s wrong with patches?

When a vulnerability, such as Log4j’s, becomes known, security and software providers rush to offer quick fixes and patches to prevent attackers from exploiting it. That’s important. However, these patches may or may not be reliable since they often only block specific attack patterns. In a perfect world, once the initial “quick fixes” are applied, the software provider would fully remediate the vulnerability. But, unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen in a timely manner.

Additionally, many third-party products incorporate Log4j without the user’s knowledge (see the ever-growing list). So users may not even know they’re at risk unless they have robust vulnerability patch management processes in place.

Because of this, a purely preventive cybersecurity approach is very risky since we never know about all vulnerabilities.

A better approach to cybersecurity

SMART-Monitor is a service we provide based on the technology we’ve developed. One of the advantages we have is that we’re not dependent on any knowledge of vulnerabilities or indicators of compromise to identify malicious activity.

How does this work? Our software agent collects essential information about what’s happening on your devices (laptops, workstations, servers), and sends the data to our cloud to be processed. Here’s where things get interesting: Most endpoint solutions focus on identifying malicious activity using information they know about previous malicious activity.

Our approach is to confirm if the activity is expected and authorized in a business environment. Then, we investigate all unexpected activities and go down the rabbit hole to determine how malicious they may be. It could be a minor annoyance from an unwanted application, all the way to someone actively exploiting a vulnerability. New activities go through the same process and are classified as either malicious or approved. This means that as we monitor more and more endpoints, we improve our knowledge about legitimate activity. Ultimately, this gives us time to focus on the exceptions, which are potential security incidents, and respond quickly to contain the threat.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry! We take care of everything for you: it’s part of our service. All you have to do is install our software, and we take care of the rest. Our 30-day free trial will allow you to add another layer of defense and help you sleep better during the holidays.

Instead of relying solely on patches applied after the fact that may or may not be sufficient, take us for a test-drive.