CYDEF solution testing with CENGN establishes business capacity to grow beyond 1 million endpoints.  

CYDEF Identifies Opportunities to Scale at Cost 

Over the course of 6 months, CYDEF collaborated with Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN) to establish the capacity of its cybersecurity solutions.  

Data from CENGN TEST

 By partnering with CENGN, CYDEF proved that its architecture scales successfully beyond 100,000 devices. With this knowledge, CYDEF has developed a clear path to scale into the millions of devices.  

The data garnered through the CENGN – CYDEF partnership provides the quantifiable evidence required to sustainably offer endpoint detection and response solutions to a larger range of clients.  

 CENGN provided state of the art network and computing infrastructure which enabled CYDEF to simulate real world data processing scenarios at scale. This level of sophistication and expense is out of reach to most small companies.  As a result, CYDEF is fully confident in its costing and scaling model going forward. 

 CYDEF’S Commitment to SMEs 

Over the past 3 years, CYDEF has consistently committed our support to those organization who require endpoint security to do business – yet traditionally could not bear the infrastructure costs. The evidence provided in collaboration with CENGN suggests CYDEF can both increase their client base while maintaining the existing solutions pricing. 

 Success Made Possible by a Fruitful Collaboration with CENGN 

CENGN Supports CYDEF Growth

The recent partnership with CENGN was made possible by a team of expert Solutions Engineers and Project Managers.  

 The CENGN team offered their breadth of expertise and skill to support CYDEF with the identification and remediation of sources of performance bottlenecks. With the support of the professionals at CENGN, CYDEF identified the best architecture to execute our services at scale, ultimately creating the capacity to substantially reduce our delivery costs. 

With Gratitude to Ontario Centre of Innovation 

This project was made successful by support from the Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI). OCI is an important CENGN partner, providing the support for growing businesses like CYDEF to access research centers and their staff.  

 OCI takes a leadership role in supporting innovative companies like ours to achieve the research required to demonstrate business viability and opportunity for growth.  Without OCI, CYDEF’s partnership with CENGN would not be possible.  CYDEF Receives OCI Support

 All Good Things Come from Collaboration 

With the support of OCI and CENGN, CYDEF will be able to implement robust processes and increase our endpoint coverage exponentially.  

This expert research advice was invaluable; 3rd party testing not only allows us to optimize infrastructure, but also helps CYDEF to establish credibility amongst companies who may be new to our solutions.  

 All this came out of a collaborative process that not only builds consensus about the strength of CYDEF’s products, but also builds a sense of community.  

 The road to success, quite simply, is not paved alone!