CYDEF was born to serve small businesses, including our partners and Managed Service Providers.

The Evolution of Canada’s Cyber Defense Partner

CYDEF started out with a single goal: to commoditize cybersecurity. As we grew, we heard from channel partners about an unmet need: threat hunting for their managed SMB clients. With that, our channel story began to unfold.
Back in 2017, we started CYDEF to bolster cybersecurity for all businesses online – regardless of budget. We knew that there was more than one way to serve small businesses. We could sell direct, or we could partner with a channel already equipped to sell to SMBs.
After feedback from clients and analysts alike, we knew we needed to work both directly with clients AND with managed service providers (MSPs).

Filling a Cybersecurity Gap

MSPs were very generous with their time and very vocal about their challenges in finding enhanced cyber solutions that met their business needs. More specifically, they felt they were missing detection layer tools to complement traditional protection layer tools (such as Antivirus).
Sure, there were lots of products on the market that met their client’s protection requirements, but these often required a lot of time and effort to deploy, operate, and maintain. In some cases, they even needed to take on the added burden of deploying hardware and hiring cybersecurity expertise to operate the hardware. Needless to say, these resources are hard to come by – and costly! The MSPs we spoke with were scrambling to find a product that provided some margin.
These MSPs knew that the most vulnerable SMBs were left exposed to cyber risk, but they were often unable to pay the price for a standard endpoint protection solution.
So, CYDEF customized our endpoint detection solution to offer value to our future partners, and to provide accessible cybersecurity to their clients.

CYDEF MDR EDRThe CYDEF Competitive Differentiator

As we grow, we’re learning that most prospective partners have already reached operational capacity. The workload of deploying and delivering IT solutions that fill their client needs is heavy, leaving them with little time to review alternative solutions.
That’s why we created SMART-Monitor: a managed endpoint detection and response (threat hunting) solution that offers MSPs a solid cybersecurity option without the resource-heavy burden of maintenance and support.
SMART-Monitor isn’t just a managed solution. It combines proprietary machine learning with the manual intervention of CYDEF’s skilled cybersecurity experts. That means SMART-Monitor supplements our partner’s teams by managing incident response and remediation – leaving your team with more time to manage your core business.
A Thank-You to Our Partners
CYDEF also benefits from this relationship with partners. While we manage a partner’s AV and endpoint detection business, we are adding knowledge to our machine learning algorithms. The more we feed our SMART-Monitor platform, the SMARTer it gets!

Protect your clients. Grow your business

We designed SMART-Monitor to act as an extension of our partner’s existing operations.
By working with CYDEF, our partners receive our years of cybersecurity expertise to assist with incident response.
SMART-Monitor is an instant addition to your product stack, offering the following benefits:
  • Zero capital investment in new software or hardware
  • No new hires required
  • No training required
  • Clear processes for onboarding and creating technical settings
  • On-going platform management
  • Managed incident tracking and reporting

Ready to Offer Better Protection to your Clients?

CYDEF is proud to provide our partners with verifiable security.

That means our solutions provide clear visibility into what’s happening in your client’s environments; the applications running, the connected devices, and other programs with access to your client’s environments.
If you’re looking for an easier way to manage your client’s cybersecurity, from AV to endpoint detection, while reducing your workload, we’d love to chat. Get in touch today!
Elana Graham, COO, CYDEF
Elana Graham