Cyber immunity is a critical component to a successful cybersecurity strategy, especially in an era of rampant cyber attacks.

How CYDEF Earns Your Trust

For living things, the natural world is a hostile environment filled with countless mutating threats. Static measures like hard shells, cell walls and simple membranes offer some general protection, but without a complex immune system, no sophisticated lifeform would survive.

Just as nature evolved creatures with more and more sophisticated layers of protection, our connected cyber world requires the same approach. Static firewalls, passwords and signature-based detection are all rudimentary protections and offer minimal security for your systems. Putting more walls around poorly developed, outdated or otherwise vulnerable software is false security.

Consumers and businesses need a ground-up and comprehensive approach.

Infrastructure Built on Microsoft Azure

At CYDEF, we believe we have a novel, affordable and comprehensive approach that can protect your business and valuable IP from sophisticated modern attacks. But why should you trust us?

Let’s start with the fact that security is literally in our DNA. Our founder and CTO, Tiago de Jesus, comes from a leadership role at the RCMP’s cybercrime unit. Our founding principle is that we are under attack, and you are never trusted until you are verified. Zero-Trust is the founding principle of everything we do, every day.

We selected to build our Platform on Microsoft Azure because we believe that it provides the most secure and resilient development and distribution infrastructure. Since the lion’s share of business software runs on Windows, we are all dependent on Microsoft to provide us with a safe starting point.

Role-Based Access

EDR Cyber Immunity

The next foundational piece is strict role-based access-control implemented on all systems at every level of the organization. Nobody gets more access than they need for longer than they need. Layer on top of that strict policies that isolate those who grant access, those who have access to modify, and those who have access to deploy. The final controls are the independent approvals for all changes to proceed along the build-deploy chain, the monitoring of all activity and the storage of logs for audit.

Secure Software Development Lifecycle

Additionally, our secure software development lifecycle policy, which is enforced by our development pipelines, requires the independent code review of all changes combined with automated performance and regression testing.

Once code changes are securely developed and verified, every component is digitally signed to guarantee the integrity of the artifact. Signatures are applied to all executable code, including programs, libraries and scripts.

Online Privacy Protection and Pentesting

Next, our Internet presence is segmented between what is publicly facing and what remains private. All public-facing pages require two-factor authentication, and all API calls to the backend are tokenized by device and user to ensure data privacy. Every communication is over a secure connection. Moreover, we have a third party perform penetration testing (pentesting) against our entire web presence to reduce the chances of having exploitable vulnerabilities.

Beyond standard pentesting, we log and monitor all inbound requests for anomalies. In addition, every API has a strict request/response model that prevents anyone from attempting misuse of any API.

Proprietary Endpoint Detection and Response

Hostile Environment Cyber Immunity

CYDEF does install a Windows or Mac agent on the endpoints. However, the sole purpose of these services is to connect CYDEF with the Endpoint and manage the other components that monitor and report activities. This design offers an additional level of security in that the agents themselves validate via signature all components and scripts that execute. In addition, every script execution is logged so that there is an audit trail of any activity performed on any endpoint.

The last line of defense is that our Cybersecurity Operations monitors all CYDEF agents the same as it does for all programs running on endpoints. Any attempt to exploit a CYDEF component will be detected.

CYDEF: Cyber Immunity for Hostile Environments

CYDEF is a security company that drinks its own Champagne. We install our monitoring agent on all of our corporate endpoints. The cyber world changes rapidly, and new threats and new threat vectors appear all the time. CYDEF was built from the ground up to thrive in this hostile environment.

If you are interested to learn more about how CYDEF can help you improve your IT immune system, please get in touch.

Elana Graham, COO, CYDEF
Elana Graham