As Managed Service Providers (MSPs) grow increasingly popular amongst small and medium businesses, they’ve also become a target for cybercriminals. In 2019, at least 13 MSPs were hacked. Successfully breaching an MSP’s environment provides attackers with access to corporate data from a range of enterprises – a veritable boon of sensitive information.

Vulnerability Management Required for Service Providers

According to cloud software provider Datto, millions of small and medium businesses (SMBs) rely on MSPs for their essential IT services. As a result, 24% of MSPs reported growth of up to 10% over the past three years.
As SMBs increasingly rely on service providers for their IT needs, they are justifiably concerned about cybersecurity. Many business leaders trust that once they’ve signed a service contract, their computer networks will be secure. However, evidence indicates that MSPs are just as likely to be attacked as any other business. As news of attacks on MSPs is pouring in from around the world, 47% of small businesses indicated they’d pay more for enhanced cybersecurity.

Who has Time for Manual System Reviews?

MSPs are a prime target for attack. They’re centralized repositories for multiple clients’ data. It’s like attacking multiple companies without the work of deploying multiple attacks.
Any small or medium business owner understands the challenge facing these MSPs. They’re not only building their business, they’re also responsible for securing their client’s IT systems. It’s the ultimate practice in multitasking.
With a heavy workload in place, MSPs may be stretched to find time to conduct manual assessments of their client systems. That’s why finding an MSP with a dedicated cybersecurity partner makes sense. When MSPs outsource the labor of tracking endpoint security, they’re better equipped to protect sensitive client information.

Managed EDR for MSPs

Now that SMBs understand the real risk and fallout of cyberattacks – the expense, the reputation damage – they’re looking for the right security solution from their MSP.
We at CYDEF believe we present that security solution. While we started out as a cybersecurity tool for SMEs, we’ve come to understand the importance of working with partners: we’re all striving for the same things!
Cybersecurity for SMBs offered by MSPs
We’re all looking to grow our businesses while keeping our data locked down. A ConnectWise report from 2019 indicates that the two most consistent growth drivers for MSPs are generating higher revenue from managed services, and growing their customer base. This growth won’t arise organically. It’ll take support… and we’re dedicated to transparent collaboration.
A Tool for Revenue Growth in your Managed Service Operation
CYDEF’s patent-pending platform provides a cloud-based endpoint detection and response solution perfect for the managed service provider. The platform provides evidence-based, verifiable security that enables our partners to demonstrate how their clients are protected – and from what threats. Our solution is unique in the market because we tell our partners everything. Not just the factors you need to know; we provide insight into everything that happens on your endpoints. We leave no stone unturned.

SMART-Monitor: Verifiable Security

CYDEF’s proprietary technology collects key telemetry from endpoints and detects anomalous activity.
Our strategy is based on tracking “known good” and permitted activities. Using this approach, we benchmark all activity against what’s permitted – and investigate anything unknown.
SMART-Monitor, CYDEF’s managed service, relies on the platform while our team of cybersecurity experts monitor and provide alerts. Our innovative approach contains breaches and squashes infection before data exploitation or exfiltration occurs. We respond by collaborating with our partners, getting consent to remotely contain assets, and taking remediation action as required.
Our managed approach compliments the efforts of many MSPs; we do the legwork of cybersecurity – with a skilled team of cybersecurity experts – so our partners don’t have to.