About the Author: Mark Levine, CPTO

Mark is the former CEO of Copitrak Inc and was a senior director of Product Management at Nuance Communications Inc. Having spent the bulk of his career in both technical and product leadership roles, Mark has a proven track-record of simplifying complex technology into products that customers love. In addition to serving as Chief Product Officer at CYDEF, Mark is actively involved with McGill university’s Engine (Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship) leading workshops and judging projects to help foster the next generation of technology leaders. Follow Mark on LinkedIn.

Cyber Immunity in an Era of Rampant Attacks

Cyber immunity is a critical component to a successful cybersecurity strategy, especially in an era of rampant cyber attacks. How CYDEF Earns Your Trust For living things, the natural world is a hostile environment filled with countless mutating threats. Static measures like hard shells, cell walls and simple membranes offer some general protection, but without [...]

July 12, 2021|Blog, Business|
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