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Glossary of Cybersecurity Terms 

CYDEF created a comprehensive Glossary of Cybersecurity Terms to provide your team with the confidence to make secure, operational decisions about cybersecurity.  Security awareness is a key component to a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. However, with attacks on the rise, so too is disinformation.  This guide provides clear definitions of common attacks for your reference.  The Glossary is a perfect companion to the CYDEF blog, a resource that provides up-to-date analysis

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Top 3 Cybersecurity Threats Facing SMEs

Based on CYDEF's monitoring activity, we’ve identified the top three cybersecurity threats to our customers. What is a “Threat”? A cybersecurity threat puts your network environment at risk of damage. This includes endpoints (like devices, computers) and apps (like Microsoft 365 accounts). We’ve identified 3 types of threats: Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs): Widespread threats,

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How Cyber Attacks Impact School Boards

Cyber attacks impact school boards – students, teachers and administrators alike – at an exponential rate. Schools appear to be a treasure trove of sensitive personal information, the ideal target for a ransomware attack. In fact, Canada’s Internet Registration Authority reported that Canadian school boards experienced, on average, 50 attempted attacks per week during a

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Data Breaches: The Reality of Cybersecurity 

Cyber attacks at SolarWinds and FireEye underline the importance of cyber risk management. Breaches happen. The best action is strategic planning.   Attacks Can Impact Any Business Regardless of preparation and perimeter defences, cyber attacks impact businesses of all sizes.   Last week, a major provider of network management tools reported a significant cyber attack. Their build environment

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Why MDR is Mission Critical for SMBs

Managed Detection and Response tools provide SMBs with highly effective cybersecurity in the face of increasingly frequent and complex attacks. What is MDR? Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides businesses with the capacity to detect threats, respond to incidents, and monitor device, app and network usage. Best of all: a third party takes responsibility for

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Cybersecurity Risks Facing a Remote Workforce

Cyber threats face SMBs and large enterprises alike while the remote workforce keeps the economy alive. Threat Hunting with a Focus on Securing Devices There’s no disputing that the global pandemic has changed the way we work. Even those people employed by a business are working alone, using new tools, and relying on the digital frontier for success.

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What ‘Endpoint Breaches’ Mean to your Small Business

A guide to endpoint threats and breaches for small business owners. Three Threats All SMB Owners Should Know About An endpoint is any remote device accessing your business network. This may include phones, laptops, tablets, watches, or any other mobile computing device. These endpoints are easy targets for cybercriminals. Mobile devices connect not only to

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Building Partnerships for Strong Cybersecurity

As Managed Service Providers (MSPs) grow increasingly popular amongst small and medium businesses, they’ve also become a target for cybercriminals. In 2019, at least 13 MSPs were hacked. Successfully breaching an MSP’s environment provides attackers with access to corporate data from a range of enterprises – a veritable boon of sensitive information. Vulnerability Management Required

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What is Layered Security?

Layered security protects network environments by erecting several perimeter defences. In order to protect your data – and your organization’s reputation – you need a layered cyber security approach. Introducing: Layered Security The cyber threats prevalent on the internet range in complexity. Some come from email attachments, others from direct attacks to your small or

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Managed EDR vs Antivirus: A Primer

Your standard anti-virus solution isn't up to the task of catching the nastiest threats on the Internet. Cybersecurity Maintenance Requires Dedication Managing your own IT solutions while growing a business is a big task. Add keeping up with evolving cyber security threats and any business owner will feel daunted. That’s why CYDEF is dedicated to

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