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What is an Incident Response Plan: Basic Guidelines for SMEs

An incident response plan provides detailed steps for crisis management in the face of a cyber attack. Planning for a Cyber Attack Incident response planning may seem like the projection of the worst-case scenario. That’s because it actually is. An incident response plans provides Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with the guidelines to react and

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May Release: Introducing Two New Threat Hunting Tools

CYDEF introduces two new threat hunting tools: the SMART-Monitor Portal Incidents Page and Stack View. This feature release is dedicated to providing clarity about current incidents across an organization’s devices. SMART-Monitor Increases Threat Hunting Capacity Ottawa, Canada April 29, 2021 — CYDEF, a leading provider of endpoint security solutions, announced the introduction of two new

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CYDEF Develops Path to Scale Cyber Defence Platform Beyond 1 Million Devices

In partnership with Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN), CYDEF identified opportunities to reduce delivery costs while expanding solutions coverage to more than 1 million devices. CYDEF Identifies Opportunities to Scale at Cost Ottawa, Canada  April 27, 2021 — CYDEF, a leading provider of endpoint security solutions,  announced today the successful completion

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CYDEF to Scale Beyond 1 Million Endpoints

CYDEF solution testing with CENGN establishes business capacity to grow beyond 1 million endpoints.   CYDEF Identifies Opportunities to Scale at Cost  Over the course of 6 months, CYDEF collaborated with Canada’s Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN) to establish the capacity of its cybersecurity solutions.    By partnering with CENGN, CYDEF proved that its architecture scales successfully beyond 100,000 devices. With

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4 Hurdles Facing MSPs When a Client is Breached

MSPs face considerable hurdles when a client experiences a data breach. 97% of MSPs experience churn after a client ransomware incident. Will your Business Survive a Client Breach? Your Client’s May Not. When a client’s business suffers from a ransomware attack on their MSP’s watch, they may not survive. Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs)

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Monitoring for Insider Threat  

Insider threat incidents account for 34% of data breaches. CYDEF’s detection capabilities are not limited to external cyber attacks. They are also valuable detection controls that detect unusual activity on the inside of an organization.  What is Insider Threat?   Cybersecurity is focused on keeping malicious attackers out of business systems.  But what if the malicious attacker is

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Law Firm Size Doesn’t Insulate Against Cyber Attack

100% of law firms participating in a cybersecurity experiment had been targeted by cyber threats. Some without even knowing it. With an estimated worth approaching $1 trillion, law firms present an attractive target to cyber criminals. Not only do they host sensitive personal data within their networks, they also host data on ongoing litigation. Now that

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CYDEF Accepted to Catalyst Cyber Accelerator

Ottawa, Canada  March 15, 2021 — CYDEF, a leading provider of endpoint security solutions,  announced today participation in the Catalyst Cyber Accelerator, part of the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst at Ryerson University. The Catalyst Cyber Accelerator is the first cybersecurity accelerator in Canada, built by cyber entrepreneurs for cyber entrepreneurs. The Catalyst Cyber Accelerator's goal is

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Medical Practices: A Steady Target for Cyber Attack

Medical practices are falling prey to cyberattacks at an exponential rate. Some outlets report that medical data is 10 times more likely to be targeted than banking information. Medical Practices: A Steady Target for Cyber Attack The more than 85% of physicians relying on electronic medical records, and approximately 1 million active physicians in the

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CYDEF is proud to join Silica Mark on March 4th, 2021 for an exploration of cybersecurity, risk management, and proactive countermeasures. An Exploration of Digital Transformation and Risk Ottawa, Canada  March 1, 2021 — CYDEF, a leading provider of endpoint security solutions,  announced today collaboration with Silica Mark to deliver in-depth analysis of digital transformation

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