About the Author: Dr. Antoine Lemay

Chief Scientific Officer

Detecting Astaroth with SMART-Monitor

An analysis of Astaroth, the info-stealing malware that uses multiple fileless techniques to install on a computer and steal passwords. Malware of the day: Astaroth Whenever a new malware or a novel attack technique is discovered, our clients worry about how it could affect them. Many come to us asking: “Am I protected against this [...]

September 3, 2020|Blog, Technical|

The Impact of Potentially Unwanted Programs

A Potentially Unwanted Program (PuP) is a designation commonly used by anti-virus vendors to designate software that is present on a computer against the computer’s owner’s will.This series covers the more exotic incidents observed at our client sites and explains how SMART-Monitor helps catch them. Today, we will look at the security impact of having [...]

August 13, 2020|Blog, Technical|
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