The CYDEF Story

Everyone should feel safe to do business online

Our Mission 

To make the Internet secure for businesses of all sizes.  

Our Promise

To provide verifiable cybersecurity solutions, offering clarity into endpoint telemetry and health.

Security Built on Collaboration

The CYDEF team leverages decades of security operations and military experience. Together we’re creating endpoint detection and response tools and services for SMEs, Not-for-profits and large enterprises alike. We’re dedicated to continuous cybersecurity development.

CYDEF was established with a collaborative vision and a deep dedication to curiosity and respect.

We’re a privately funded and proudly Canadian organization.


Paul Hindo
Paul HindoCo-Founder, CEO, Chairman of the Board
Elana Graham
Elana Graham Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer
Steve Rainville
Steve Rainville President
Tiago de Jesus
Tiago de Jesus Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Mark Levine
Mark Levine Vice President of Product Management

Our Board of Directors




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