Data Breaches and How to Prevent Them

Data breaches occur when a cyber attacker illegally accesses confidential information. Investing in cybersecurity awareness training and a detection response solution is the best prevention against a data breach. What Is a Data Breach? A data breach occurs when an unauthorized party accesses private data. Data breaches are most often intentional and part of a [...]

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Handling Ransomware Attacks to Minimize Disaster

Ransomware attacks take place in two phases: access development, then monetization. Stopping cyber attacks while they are still intrusions, and not ransomed data, can prevent data privacy disasters.  Cyber Crime Requires a Division of Labour Cyber attackers take a specialized approach to ransomware development. First, the attacker develops access to a target. Second, the attacker [...]

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SOC 2: What Is It and Why Should You Care

SOC 2 is a reporting standard used to assess a business’ internal controls related to Information Technology. It is based around the Trust Principles of Security, Availability, Integrity of processing, Confidentiality and Privacy.  What is SOC 2?  SOC 2 is short for Service Organisation Controls.  These controls help businesses that outsource IT to understand the policies, procedures and processes that cloud service providers use in [...]

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CYDEF in the Spotlight on Invest Ontario’s Cybersecurity List

CYDEF named to Invest Ontario’s 10 Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2021.  Invest Ontario Highlights CYDEF in List of Cybersecurity Providers Ottawa, Canada, August 9, 2021 — CYDEF, a leading provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions, named to Invest Ontario’s 10 Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2021.   In 2021, the cost of data breaches rose to $4.24 million USD. This is a [...]

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CYDEF’s Approach to a Secure Software Development Life Cycle 

A Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) is a collection of best practices that provides added security checks to the standard software development life cycle. It’s a crucial part of CYDEF’s development process and a core element of our solutions.  Security is Essential at All Stages of Development  At CYDEF, security is foundational to the entire organization and especially to its software development life cycle. As a result, security is baked into every phase of development, starting with requirements and ending with complete verification.  From day one, CYDEF’s Chief [...]

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