Monitoring for Insider Threat  

Insider threat incidents account for 34% of data breaches. CYDEF’s detection capabilities are not limited to external cyber attacks. They are also valuable detection controls that detect unusual activity on the inside of an organization.  What is Insider Threat?   Cybersecurity is focused on keeping malicious attackers out of business systems.  But what if the malicious attacker is [...]

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Law Firm Size Doesn’t Insulate Against Cyber Attack

100% of law firms participating in a cybersecurity experiment had been targeted by cyber threats. Some without even knowing it. With an estimated worth approaching $1 trillion, law firms present an attractive target to cyber criminals. Not only do they host sensitive personal data within their networks, they also host data on ongoing litigation. Now that [...]

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Phishing Campaigns Bypass Reputation Engine

The team at CYDEF observed an increasing proportion of phishing attempts that leverage trusted sites to bypass filtering resources. The following post addresses some of the detected campaigns and addresses security awareness programs.  Phishing Off the River  In recent posts we took an in-depth look at anti-virus bypass, especially living-off-the-land techniques.   The general concept of these techniques is that, by abusing trusted resources, an attacker can capitalize on [...]

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CYDEF Accepted to Catalyst Cyber Accelerator

Ottawa, Canada  March 15, 2021 — CYDEF, a leading provider of endpoint security solutions,  announced today participation in the Catalyst Cyber Accelerator, part of the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst at Ryerson University. The Catalyst Cyber Accelerator is the first cybersecurity accelerator in Canada, built by cyber entrepreneurs for cyber entrepreneurs. The Catalyst Cyber Accelerator's goal [...]

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Medical Practices: A Steady Target for Cyber Attack

Medical practices are falling prey to cyberattacks at an exponential rate. Some outlets report that medical data is 10 times more likely to be targeted than banking information. Medical Practices: A Steady Target for Cyber Attack The more than 85% of physicians relying on electronic medical records, and approximately 1 million active physicians in the [...]

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Pratiques médicales: une cible constante pour les cyberattaques

Les pratiques médicales sont proie à des cyberattaques à un rythme exponentiel. Certains médias rapportent que les données médicales sont 10 fois plus susceptibles d'être ciblées que les informations bancaires.  Pratiques médicales: une cible constante pour les cyberattaques Les plus de 85% de médecins qui se fient aux dossiers médicaux électroniques et environ 1 million de médecins actifs [...]

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CYDEF Joins Silica Mark to Explore Cyber Risks

CYDEF is proud to join Silica Mark on March 4th, 2021 for an exploration of cybersecurity, risk management, and proactive countermeasures. An Exploration of Digital Transformation and Risk Ottawa, Canada  March 1, 2021 — CYDEF, a leading provider of endpoint security solutions,  announced today collaboration with Silica Mark to deliver in-depth analysis of digital transformation [...]

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CYDEF rejoint Silica Mark pour explorer les cyber risques

CYDEF est fier de joindre Silica Mark le 4 mars 2021 pour une exploration de la cybersécurité, de la gestion des risques et des contre-mesures proactives Une exploration de transformation digitale et de risques Ottawa, Canada le 1er mars 2021 - CYDEF, un des fournisseurs principaux de solutions de sécurité des hôtes, a annoncé aujourd’hui [...]

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Living-Off-The Land Attacks: The Democratization of Cyber Threats

Cyber attacks are not the exclusive realm of sophisticated attackers. These attacks get democratized very quickly.   To illustrate this point, we’ll review a potentially unwanted program (PuP) that uses a clever living-off-the-land attack chain to avoid getting blocked.  Living-Off-the-What-Now?  A living-off-the-land (LoL) attack uses the resources that are already present on a computer to perform malicious actions. Rather than loading additional software on the victim device, LoL attacks craftily [...]

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Vivre de la terre – Pas seulement pour les menaces avancées

Quand les gens discutent des dernières techniques d’attaques, ils assument souvent que ces techniques sont la prérogative exclusive des attaquants sophistiqués. Toutefois, ces attaques sont démocratisées très rapidement. Pour illustrer ceci, cette semaine nous allons analyser un logiciel classé « potentiellement non-désiré » qui utilise une chaîne de techniques « vivre de la terre » pour éviter d’être bloqué par [...]

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