Glossary of Cybersecurity Terms 

CYDEF created a comprehensive Glossary of Cybersecurity Terms to provide your team with the confidence to make secure, operational decisions about cybersecurity.  Security awareness is a key component to a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. However, with attacks on the rise, so too is disinformation.  This guide provides clear definitions of common attacks for your reference.  The Glossary is a perfect companion to the CYDEF blog, a resource that provides up-to-date analysis

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AV vs EDR: An Introduction to Antivirus Bypass 

Cyber attackers use sneaky tricks to evade detection. This post reviews the classes of attacks that bypass detection. We often interact with customers that are a bit puzzled by what we do.  They already have a cybersecurity software on their endpoint, an AV and a firewall. Why would they need anything more? Preventive vs Detective

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Top 3 Cybersecurity Threats Facing SMEs

Based on CYDEF's monitoring activity, we’ve identified the top three cybersecurity threats to our customers. What is a “Threat”? A cybersecurity threat puts your network environment at risk of damage. This includes endpoints (like devices, computers) and apps (like Microsoft 365 accounts). We’ve identified 3 types of threats: Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs): Widespread threats,

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